This Promise is For You – Fullness of Life

Between Easter and Pentecost 2011 St Mary of the Angels are hosting 'This Promise is For You'. This is a series of 6 DVD talks which aim to help us to more fully open our hearts to God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The course is rightfully described as 'life-changing' and where it has been run before many life changing experiences have occurred. The course will be led by people from the parish and all are encouraged to join in.

You can read more information on the course on the Good News Website. Michelle Moran who leads some of the talks says;

At the heart of it is simply the gospel message. This is a spiritual truth that moves people from being nominal or well informed Christians to people who are transformed and fully alive in the Lord. We see this clearly in Peter’s life. After he had experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost his life was transformed and the ‘uneducated layman’(Acts 4:13) was able to deliver such a powerful sermon that in one day three thousand became believers. It is only through the Holy Spirit that we can come to know and grow in intimacy with God. Indeed, without the Holy Spirit the Gospel is an impossible ideal that at best we can only aspire to and at worst we can fail miserably in. In the Church, I meet so many good people who are trying their best or doing their duty. Whilst this is good, it is only the Holy Spirit who can bring us to the place where we understand the amazing and life changing message about God’s freedom and grace.

Below are two testimonies from people who have either been on the course or who have led the course in their parish:

Spiro Sueref from Cardiff – Every time we have run these seminars we have seen hearts, minds and faces change.

Barbara Mason, Lancashire: As far as I’m concerned the seminars are not about joining a movement but about coming into the fullness of Pentecost, which is the heritage for all Catholics and part of our baptismal calling.

Even if you are unable to join us for these courses we ask you to pray for the course and to pray for our Parish.

This poster is attached for download and printing: This promise is for you flyer 2011


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