The Way Prayer Group Continues Online Through COVID19!

Charismatic Prayer Group

The Way Online, Monday’s through COVID19 lockdown, 8pm-9:15pm (GMT)

To access from computer, laptop, mobile device: 

If you don’t have a computer, laptop or mobile device and want to use you land-line phone, dial from the United Kingdom:

Dial: 0203 051 2874
Enter the Meeting ID: 834 869 095 00
(note this call will incur charges similar to a call to London unless the minutes are included in your phone agreement.)

It is with great sadness that the Coronavirus lock down continues and all our Masses are suspended and we are also unable to meet in the normal way to pray every Monday.

Are we going to let this stop us joining together for prayers? No! The truth is that we need prayer now more than at any other time.

But how can we pray together as a group and remain ‘socially distanced’? Technology can help here. Similar to the online Mass streaming services used to allow us to recieve spiritual communion, the prayer group could be held using an online teleconferencing service.

What does this mean? We attend the prayer group from home using our computer, laptop, tablet or an Android/IoS mobile phone to worship and pray together and everyone can contribute led by the Holy Spirit with scripture, prayer intentions, words of knowledge, prophesy, healings etc. We put the sound through our speakers and turn our microphones on to hear and to contribute to the group.

Will it work? Well I don’t know and I know that the technology will likely get in the way and it might not be easy to get working the first few times round. But we must continue to pray as a group in this time desparate need and just let Jesus do the rest. Remember where we are located or our proximity to each other doesn’t mean anything to Jesus. The fact is that we are turning to him in prayer, in faith and in hope anticipating that He will hear us and He will respond as He always does with abundant blessings and grace. We must remember that in times of darkness His glorious light shines even more brightly!

Who can join in? Anyone, where-ever located, is welcome to join and to worship and to praise Jesus, to offer intentions and to let the abundant grace given by the Holy Spirit bless and reward each of us.

What technology do I need? You will need one of the following:

  • a Windows or a Mac computer or laptop with speakers and a microphone
  • an Android or an IoS mobile phone
  • an Android or an IoS tablet
  • You can even dial-in with a land-line phone using the teleconference access numbers. Remember this will lead to a charge on your telephone bill – unless your contract allows.

OK that sounds great, but what do I need to do to be ready? You will need to either:

  • For mobile phones/tablets go to your appstore and download the ‘Zoom’ app.
  • For computers/laptops download the Desktop Client ( click the link to the left/above before the call to test that you are set-up and to install any software if required.
  • For telephones you can call the teleconference number of prayer group and then the Access Code to enter. See the dial-in number and Access code to the left/above. Please remember that this call will incur charges unless the minutes are included in your telephone contract.
  • Everyone must click the link to the left/above to download ‘The Way Worship Book’ PDF. All the worship songs and some prayers are in here.

The Way Worship Book PDF: TheWayWorshipBook

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7 thoughts on “The Way Prayer Group Continues Online Through COVID19!”

  1. Damian Collins

    Hi Please could my wife Julie and I join the Prayer group this Monday coming 06/04/20. Thank you for making some fellowship possible online.

    1. Hi Damian, all are welcome to join in. Praying this way takes geography out of the equation. It’d be good to have you with us.

      God bless you,

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