“The Lord is my light” Lentern Prayer Groups

SIX Weeks of Bible Reading, Friendly Discussion & Prayer. “The Lord is my Light” is full of suggestions to guide you (which you can get from the Church Shop, free of charge). Groups already running through Lent are:

Monday 15 Feb, 3.30 pm: Latimer Road (Off Wallace Ave) – Tel: Roz & Michael 01903 507167

Monday 15 Feb, 7.30 pm: Avila House 60 Gratwicke Road – Tel: Sr Maureen 01903 200322

Tuesday 16 Feb, after 10 am mass: Opposite the church – Tel: Diana 01903 211744

Friday 19 Feb, 8 pm, Westcourt Road Tel: Anne 01903 231014

Young Women’s Group – Different homes, different days to suit members commitments Tel: Bernadette 01903 533107

If you are friendly, tactful and willing to listen to others, you would be a very good group leader. Choose a time and a venue (church, home or a friend’s house). Don’t worry. Jesus will do the rest.