The Garment of Suffering

Each of us has some suffering or hurt in our lives, sometimes dating back from the past. The ‘Garment of Suffering symbolises symbolises the hurt contained in our lives and community.

During Lent we ask that you bring a piece of cloth (any colour) about 6 inches square and leave it in the labelled basket.  For those who cannot provide their own material there are pieces of cloth in the cardboard box clearly marked in the entrance area which may be used.

Your piece of cloth can represent for example:

  • Grief over death or separation;
  • The pain of living with a partner, parent or child who has a problem;
  • The pain of sickness;
  • The pain of being misunderstood;
  • The pain of doing wrong to others or having it done to you;
  • The pain of failure etc.

During Lent and holy week the cloths will all be sewn together into one complete garment.  On Good Friday the garment will be draped over the Cross where Christ suffered for us bearing our sin and pain.  During Lent and Easter we will pray to be healed. At Pentecost, the garment will be burnt.
What is unique about this ritual is that you will be able to recognise your own piece of cloth, your own grief and suffering and yet understand that so many others share similar worries.

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