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169 thoughts on “St Mary of the Angels Website Guestbook”

  1. We have found the on-line mass very helpful during these unusual times but have found the streaming seems not to be working for the last couple of weeks. Would like to know if it is likely to be back on again soon. Best wishes, Dave.

  2. Dear Father Terry,

    Thank you for a beautiful Easter Sunday Mass. Very uplifting and so heartening to see so many young people coming up during Communion. All is not lost 🙂

    Enjoy your Easter Eggs and thank you again,

  3. St Mary of the Angels has become my Lock Down Church and I am so much at home. I go to St Joseph’s in Hay on Wye Wales. When lock down started I ‘travelled ‘around. Then someone I had known for years Sister Maureen returned to the convent in Worthing as she became frail. I have relatives in the area so on a couple of my yearly visits I met Maureen in the Home and was well looked after. When she died her funeral was streamed my introduction to St Mary of the Angels I heard every word clearly(important to a deaf person) and I felt at home. It has become my church. Good sermons lovely to see the children and different races. When I eventually get down your way again I will come in person I know where you are

  4. Dear Father Terry,
    Thank you for your live mass service on 7 February 2021 (15.30 West Indonesian Time). I was so powerfully blessed through today’s live mass. What I experienced at today’s live mass was a beatific loving presence of Jesus Christ and The Father.
    I am from Indonesia. This is the first time I attend live mass from St Mary of the Angels, a beautiful historical chruch. The radiance of your church and mass service is real!
    Thanks to Father God.

    Caritas Christi,

  5. Hello, yes, I find this site very inspiring but the comments, live-stream Mass and Prayers are no use to people who do not have a Smartphone, Laptop or access to either of these. This is very hard in times of closed Churches where people cannot watch Mass online. People who are lonely would find a Mass very uplifting. I don’t know if Masses being broadcast on TV or Radio but some do not have a TV. Also I find by reading your Parish Newsletter there are no contact numbers for your Parish Office. I hope you do not mind these comments. I used to live in England for 37 years and my last Parish was St Catherine’s in Littlehampton but I am living since March 2018 in Germany. I am in contact with my Friend David Howell who lives on his own in East Worthing but has no access to either TV but has a Radio and a ‘normal’ Mobile. I find especially when talking to him that when not able to come to Mass because of no Buses or difficulties in his Health that he Gent.

  6. Dear Father Terry,
    I’m still watching twice a week from West Wales. No church services here since March. I miss church so much but found you and thank the Lord for that. You keep me going and I wish I could attend in person.
    Please know how much your online service means to all of us who cannot otherwise get this blessing. Thank you.

  7. Greetings from Houston, Texas, USA. Our family really enjoyed Mass with you today (tonight your time). One unexpected blessing of online Mass is the opportunity to join our brothers and sisters around the world in live prayer even though we could never be there in person. May God bless you and your whole parish community!

  8. Some of us still haven’t ‘got it’ – I enjoyed watching the flower arrangement of poppies grow this morning at 8:30 until I realised that streamed Mass was back to 10:30 as we are now all back in lockdown!!
    Thank you as always for a moving and inspiring service! Thank you God, for giving us this support, in these difficult and scary times.
    Stay safe, everyone!
    Anne Cowell, Sawston, Cambridgeshire.

  9. Well, we Welsh, are back in “lockdown”. So I’ve come back to St Mary of the Angels. Today’s Mass was a real delight. Father Tim, thank you so much. “See you” next Sunday.

  10. Dear Fr Terry,
    Thank you so much for your suggestion today that you should sing again for the online Masses – we have missed that in recent weeks, and do so agree with you about the value of music at Mass. At least those of us at home can sing out the responses with gusto, and where appropiate the other parts of the liturgy too!
    Thank you again for providing such a welcoming experience for those of us who are not yet returning to Mass in person. It means so much.

  11. I just wanted to add my thanks for the on line mass.
    I miss my visits to my church. and Priests and Friends at St Lawrence at home here in west London
    I have enjoyed joining you in Worthing so much.
    I am an “unpaid, unrecognized, full time, carer to my 81 yr old Father”
    Sadly I am not one who can see any light in this dark time, and I am finding “faith and hope” a real challenge., but I at least find some peace when I am sharing your services.

    1. Dear Steve, being a carer is an important job, which brings comfort, dignity, and companionship to your father. God will see the work that you do, God will see what is in your heart. And that he will be by your side and will walk with you in the darkest of times if only you pray and ask him to do just that.
      Remember Our dear brother Jesus, he was poor and died on the cross for us, he is our saviour and he went through so much pain and suffering for us all. He will never never not recognise you, what you and other carers do is help others and that is a wonderful thing to be able to do.
      Living a simple life is a wonderful thing to do, with no riches and no falseness.
      May God bless you, protect you and give you the strength you need. Always look to God no matter what always look to God.

    2. Aw, im so sorry Steve, these are just horrible, horrible times.
      Im sending you a big hug and lots of light and love. You are amazing. Don’t give up.

  12. Dear Father Terry
    Thank you for your wonderful masses. Have been attending your beautiful Church online
    every Sunday since you started streaming.. as many others have said I hope in the not too distant future to meet you personally in Worthing. It may amuse you to know that my little dog attends too when I say it’s time for mass.

    With my best wishes and thanks


  13. Welcome back, Father Terry. I’m so pleased you are rested after your well deserved break! Thank you again for continuing to live stream mass for those of us around the country who are unable to attend live masses in person. I find particular comfort in the Spiritual Communion. I miss Father John and all my friends at Sawston Parish but I appreciate being able to share with your parish family. Thank you again! Anne Cowell

  14. Thank you Fr Terry for your beautiful and reverent Masses and truly inspiring sermons. You have renewed and strengthened our faith and spiritual life and we hope one day, when the pandemic is over, to come and thank you in person. God bless you always.

  15. Catherine Davies

    Father Terry it is many weeks now that i have been watching your masses on stream, you say a wonderful mass so clear and with great reverence, i do hope that one day my friend and myself will be visiting you in person to say a huge thank you, it has mean’t so much to me. a very lucky parish, Thank you again Father and God Bless you. from St Joan of Arc Parish in Farnham where i have been all my life.

  16. Michael Edwards

    I have been following your Sunday Mass, and congratulations on being able to resume services; we are not yet at this stage in South Wales where I live.
    I would just like to make one comment; please could the Celebrant look in the direction of the camera and include the on-line participants when offering the “kiss of peace” as I feel those watching would like to be included.
    I have known your church all my life as my family have lived at Worthing for many years and I remember visiting as a child before the modernisation was carried out, in the days of Fr MacInerney.

  17. During the lockdown I began attending Mass on line. Eventually I discovered your 10.00 am Mass with father Terry and the experience has brought me great consolation and deepened my faith. As we say in Ireland “ Go raibh mile maith agaibh.”

  18. Thank you so much Fr Terry for streaming your Mass. I have been participating since lockdown closed our church, and it has been wonderful to enjoy the continuity of a real Mass, in a beautiful environment, and to pray with you. Thank you.

  19. I would like to thank you Father Terry for the way that you say Mass so clearly and with such meaning. My self and my friend Priscilla both love your singing. On a Sunday I phone my friend who has not got a computer and she listens in through her phone. We pray together with you and really find it uplifting. I have started tuning for the weekday masses as well.
    I will certainly miss your lovely singing if there is to be no singing in church when the congregation return.
    When we are able to Priscilla and I are going to make the journey to Worthing from our home town of Luton in Bedfordshire so that we can attend a mass at your church and thank you in person for keeping us happy and linked to God throughout the lockdown.

  20. Father Tim, thank you so much for broadcasting the Mass during “lockdown”. It has been a real joy for me to be able to take part from the sidelines so to speak. Today’s Corpus Christi and exposition were especially moving. From a parishioner of St David’s RC in Mold, North Wales I send you a big “Diolch yn fawr “(thank you). Kevin.

  21. Thank you Father Terry for your beautiful Sunday Masses which I have attended since lockdown. I sit with my mass sheet, my missal and my hymn book, and join in as though I was present in Worthing, although I live in North Yorkshire. I am greatly appreciating the sound quality, the deep sincerity and conviction, the heartfelt messages that are so relevant to our current lifestyle issues, and especially the singing, which is such an important part of the mass for me. God bless you for all you are doing for so many people all over the world.

  22. Here in France we have had the Churches open and Mass said for the last two weeks. My parish church is large and is always full so am not sure that it is possible to distance people. I don`t think the precautions that Fr. Terry was talking about this morning have been taken. I have not been and will not be going for sometime until I am sure all is well. This Mass is a joy and I shall continue to be here at 11.00 French time every day. Thank you Fr. Terry

  23. Martin Jackson


    It is strange how we become planted in our faith. Like us choosing the same pew in the same church for our attendance each week. This morning I enjoyed celebrating communion with you at your beautiful church through my virtual visit from Harlow, Essex.

    By the grace of God and through the guidance of His Holy Spirit I do hope in the future we all take up an opportunity to get out from the familiar to explore our faith in the unknown. Or perhaps, ‘Expect guests’ and sit somewhere different to offer our peace to a stranger among us.

    Thank you.

  24. John and Carole Owen

    Thank you Fr Terry for your daily masses online which are so holy and uplifting at this difficult time. The prayer to St Michael is particularly appropriate, too, as a defence against the harmful influences of the Corona virus. We live in Kent but feel a close spiritual affinity with the numerous fellow participants at you masses not only from your own parish but also nationally and indeed from many countries all over the world. It is pleasing to know that the Mass is now available to so many who are able to access it online and gives great hope for the future. May God bless you and your crucial ministry.

    John and Carole Owen

  25. Thank you Father Terry for the facility to partake in online masses in your church during this difficult time.
    By doing so you probably cannot imagine how much comfort you bring to us all.
    We thank the Lord for having blessed us with you as a Priest and we will continue praying for you too.
    Everyday we have a special thoughts to all the frontlines. You too Father you are one of them. This pandemic is a time where Evil May realise that nothing is more powerful than God himself. By celebrating The daily mass you are re enforcing our faith in Church and the Lord. You are opening a worship place in each house. Thank you father. God bless you for your great work.

  26. Watching The Mass and other services has brought me much comfort at this time Not local to the area Would love to make a visit to the church when this is all over Fran

  27. Dear Father, I remember watching the online mass a few weeks before lockdown and seeing how lovely the parish is with the church being full of people and singing hymns and praying together. It must be difficult for you and other priests saying mass to what looks like an empty church, it must be heart breaking. I pray that God will continue to give you and others in the Catholic Church the strength in these terrible times. I appreciated you singing the hymns to the mass, and although you cannot hear your parish and those that join in from further afield to take part in the mass, and you cannot hear us all pray. The most important thing is that God will hear as all. God will hear each and every one of us who sing the hymns and say the prayers. We are all still part of his church and we all can still participate in that each and every day. I want to ask everyone who reads this to keep safe and well and that we all pray for those vital key workers who do so much for everyone. When this awful situation is over may be continue to forge a more loving and kind world in which greed and bitter ways are diminished. No matter how hard times can be God is always there and in him we find comfort and his everlasting love. With respect Sarah from Glasgow.

  28. Fr Terry, you are a hero! I’ve watched your Mass live from Sydney now 3 Sundays during Easter and marveled at your mastery of the Tech and the warmth and beauty of your liturgy. We have been fortunate here in Australia but I pray for all my friends and colleagues in England who are suffering. When we are at last able to travel again I will come to Mass in Worthing.

    St Michael, pray for us!

    Thomas Jones

  29. Hello Father, I simply cannot begin to tell you just how much comfort it brings me in sharing your services during this very trying time. I attended your church when I came to visit my son and family last year. I live up in south Manchester and have only managed to get to visit Worthing once due to me having MS. I miss my son beyond all words . When I was searching for an Easter live streaming your church was the first one at the top of the list. So delighted to be able to have attended throughout Easter. Thank you for what you are doing. I truly cannot begin to tell you just how much it means to me. I relish the chance to come down to Worthing again and attend your church in person. Kathryn

  30. Thank you for your live streaming of Mass today. Excellent sound quality. I particularly enjoyed your Latin hymn at the end. I do love the Mass in Latin.
    I am a parishioner but we have never spoken as you are always in such demand after Mass.
    Thank you for your Masses and prayers during these uncertain times.

  31. Once again, just thank you for enabling me to share your Mass celebration. I am from the parish of St Marys, Penistone, South Yorkshire.

  32. Monica de Souza

    Thank you for the facility to partake in online masses in your church in this difficult time.
    The sound quality is very good and Father Terry? Is very clear and is a good singer!
    We enjoy his homilies and join in with the hymns when we can.

  33. Thank you so much for the beatiful online Masses: I stumbled across this link by chance and have found it a great consolation in these times to be able to join in yur Mass. The Church is beautiful, and the light plays in wonderful ways behind the altar. Really appreciate the clear diction as well. Once again, thank you for everything and for being there for a scattered flock.

  34. Dear Father Terry,
    I want to say a big Thank You for letting me continue with my faith through your online live Mass streaming during this lockdown.
    I have come across your church live streaming on 23rd March & have been taking part in live Mass since.
    You have been a true inspiration to me, making me feel part of this parish, and helping me to strengthen my faith and connection with Lord.
    The message in your Mass is helping me to stay focused, strong and full of hope during this uncertain time. I am looking forward to better times and completing my journey of being received into the Catholic faith.
    God bless, Irina

  35. Catherine Croft

    I tried various online masses on Good Friday and could not relate to them at all. I stumbled on this site and the angle from which the mass was filmed and the very clear diction of the priest made it possible to feel that I was really attending Mass. The priest also sang ‘As I survey the wondrous Cross’, which I really needed to hear. Thank you so much for this. I attended online on Easter Sunday as well. These are difficult times for everyone and it is a very solitary time, when many people are losing their jobs. It is a great comfort to be able to attend Mass this way when the churches are closed.

  36. Thank you father for a lovely Mass today. I am in Scotland and am enjoying ‘visiting’ different churches for my daily Mass. Your church is just lovely and I will ‘visit’ again. God Bless.

  37. My most sincere thanks to Fr. Terry and all who help with the online mass service. I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and my mother is in Rhyl, Wales. We were both able to watch all scheduled masses during the Easter period and continue to follow on a daily basis. This has given us a chance to be “together” in church (we watch mass on our respective laptops, but also use our mobiles to see each other at the same time). God bless you all.
    #StayHome #SaveLives #WatchMassOnline
    Val & Estela Hutchison

  38. Thank you Fr Terry for all the Holy Week and Easter Masses They were amazing,
    The singing so beautiful and soul stirring. My grandson James joined me today and didn’t miss an note. Thank you and God Bless Pat

  39. Thank you so much Father for devoting time and effort to allowing parishioners across the country the opportunity to participate in a socially distanced Mass. It was an especial joy to be part of today’s Easter Mass and such a pleasure to be able to enjoy a part of God’s “normality”.
    Father Terry we wish you Pasg hapus!

    1. Maureen Robertson

      Singing our Lord’s praises with you
      Fr Terry. Alleluia! A most beautiful and blessed Easter to you and all St Mary’s parishioners.
      Thank you.

      1. Thank you. I’m not a regular parishioner of your church but enjoyed the service particularly the lovely singing on Easter Day. All the best and keep well father

  40. Wonderful Easter Vigil yesterday Fr. Terry. Your devoted services are a blessing in these troubled times.
    May God bless you and keep you safe.
    Johanna Marks Gozo Malta

  41. Geraldine Sweeney

    Thankyou Fr. Terry for a wonderful Easter vigil Mass.
    I am living in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire and have been blessed to have joined you to celebrate so many Masses during this period when we are unable to join our own local parishes. Participating in Masses online has opened up the meaning of the word catholic and we have been able to celebrate the universality of our church in a new way.
    Many thanks and every blessing for Easter

    Sr. Geraldine Sweeney RSM

  42. Thank you so much for your Good Friday Service. As my wife Denise has the virus, although recovering well, these are very worrying times indeed. Stay safe everyone and God bless you all.
    John Usher, Monkwearmouth Partnership, Sunderland.

  43. Many thanks for being able to join online you at the celebration of the Solemn Liturgy of the Passion this afternoon n God Friday – from Glasgow! I wasn’t able to join that at our St Andrew’s Cathedral, so thanks for being able to join you.
    sincere regards

    Kevin (Kane)

  44. Brian Puddicombe

    Good Friday service is a highlight of the year for me. Very please to find this on line service. Thank you.

  45. Thank you for the online Mass service. I was able to join in on Sunday. My parents married in your church several years ago. I will continue to take part until I can return to St. Edwards in Crawley,

  46. Thank you so much for Palm Sunday Mass. It was a joy to be with you virtually. My husband and I were thrilled – and even the dog took an interest! Best Wishes to everyone involved, God bless you all from this tiny hamlet in Wales. Anneli

  47. Dear Father
    I have loved being able to attend Palm Sunday Mass today via your streaming.
    Thank you so much for extending your community to Holmes Chapel in Cheshire!
    Pauline Butterfield

  48. Alan & Mary Stockton

    My wife Mary and I took part in your Palm Sunday Passion/ Mass…..Thank you so much it was very gratifying in these difficult days.

  49. Mrs Valerie Guiteras

    Dear Father Terry,
    I was so happy to find a mass online through a link from our church website. Each mass has been uplifting and has made me feel closer to our catholic community.
    Many Thanks again Valerie from Penarth

  50. I have been attending Mass with you daily since the beginning of the lockdown from here in Thornton-Cleveleys. Thank you Fr Terry. Looking forward to a prayerful Easter week with you
    God bless you and keep you safe

  51. As ex. Worthing residents and St Mary’s parishioners now living in Gozo Malta your Sunday masses especially are literally a Godsend in these difficult times or when we have been unable to attend mass. Many thanks for all you do and God bless you. Looking forward to Easter. Will there be a Vigil mass as well as Sunday?

    Johanna Marks.

  52. Margaret Williams

    My family who live in Worthing told me about Mass online – so I have “been to Mass today” from France.
    Thank you so much.
    Margaret Williams

  53. Jackie Griffiths - Swanley, Kent

    Dear Father Terry
    You are keeping us going and I have passed the site on to other Catholic friends. Really appreciate your clear diction as I have a hearing impediment. For so many people you are the highlight of the day. May God bless you for your good work.

  54. Margaret-Mary Campkin

    It’s comforting and uplifting to be able to join in the mass at this strange time.
    Thank you.
    As Anne Ward suggested an online Taize service would be lovely.

  55. Hi Terry, thanks for your Masses. I am enjoying joining in with you. How about some services such as Taizè evenings? I am happy to prepare some we could put on line, particularly for Lent/Easter, my diary has suddenly become empty! Anne

  56. Mary-Rose Crofts

    Thank you so much for a beautiful mass this morning God bless and keep safe
    Mary-Rose from Cardross in Scotland x

    1. Maureen Robertson

      Dear Father Terry,
      Thank you once again for the beautiful Mass on the feast of the Annunciation which i managed to watch while currently in lock down in Spain.
      I will continue to pray for you and all St Mary’s parishioners. May God and his blessed Mother protect us all
      God bless,
      Maureen Robertson

  57. Thanks for live streaming of the Mass while we are going through this time with Covid-19 and cannot be present in person. It gives me a great connection.
    A Catholic in London

  58. Maureen Campbell

    Thank you so much for the online Mass today. It was a delight to find it and hope to be able to join in again. It was particularly pleasurable as my Mother and father married in your church many years ago. I normally worship in Crawley.
    Once again thank you.

  59. Thank you so much for providing this for us! I have been so sad that I cannot go to Mass in my own community, and was so pleased to join yours. I cried on and off throughout the service, and now feel connected again, comforted
    and strengthened, and lifted up. God bless you and everything that you are offering. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    1. I am so moved, each week, by Fr Terry’s Mass. I am an 88year old cradle Catholic. I cannot recall ever having felt such emotion. Fr Terry was some years ago a priest at St Joseph’s Redhill, Surrey, the church I attended. He was, alongside Fr Stephen with a party of parishioners from various parishes on a Pilgrimage to Poland in 2008. I would love Fr Terry to know that John my partner became a Catholic in 2012. Sadly John died in 2018. I have two photographs of that visit and would love to send them to Fr Terry , by e-mail, if he would be interested.

  60. No Mass today at St David’s RC’ Mold in North Wales as elsewhere.
    Many thanks Father for televising your Mass at St Mary of the Angels. It was a joy to have such a spiritual and familiar time away from these unsettling times.
    Diolch(thanks) as we say in Wales. I look forward to tuning in again.

  61. Thank you Father Terry for giving us the opportunity to attend Mass in our home today and Spiritually receive Our Lord.
    We greatly appreciate this method of worship in the absence of Church gathering.
    Father David Rae married us over 30 years ago. May his soul rest in peace.

  62. Watched for first time today – picture and sound quality excellent. Mass itself was wonderful and inspirational. The simplicitely of the homily message shone through and the humour which interspersed the “Jesus, remember me…” at the end brought a tear to my eye. This and other like it are wonderful resources and are clearly going to become increasingly used in our current circumstances. God Bless and Peace Always x

  63. I am temporally housebound having had an operation on my foot. It was great when I found your website and was able to be present at Mass if only on my computer this Sunday, I will certainly also listen and take part at Mass next Sunday also. Thank you all very much. John Barlow Codnor Derbyshire.

  64. Continued grateful thanks for letting we use you Mass Site. I was desperately ill with sepsis in Oct and my daughter telephoned Fr Terry to request a prayer. Thank you, IGod left me a while longer and I intend to continue attending Mass daily. Also
    Petition I make constantly, has started to show signs of My dear Lord answering it. I often pray in St Mary’s at all hours day and night it gives me comfort and the right atmosphere to talk with my saviour. Thank you again. May God Bless you.

  65. Stella Christon

    When I can’t get to weekday Mass, I like to surf the Net to find a Mass I can “attend”. I found your site today for the first time. I found it so reverent. Not always is the sound quality on these sites good and sometimes there’s a time lag. But yours is spot on! Thank you for this service.

  66. As I was not well I was unable to go to my parish Church of St. Wulstan’s Fleetwood, Lancashire. It was lovely to share Mass on line with you. I will let other people in my parish know about you site, so that those who are housebound can share Mass with you.

  67. I was unable to attend Church this morning so a quick google search led me here. Thank you for todays service 26/05/19 – 0830am

  68. Maureen Downing

    Good Morning Father Terry,

    Thank you for your thought provoking sermon at 10.30am mass on sunday 3/3/19. I found it related to my studies and opened up a door to look inside my thoughts and reflect on who I am? to look within myself not to be so quick to make judgements, and to self-reflect. Coming into Lent is a time of reflection and abstinence and prayer. Please pray for me and give me the strength to give my time onto others in a patient caring way.

    God Bless you and your wonderful team

    Maureen Downing

  69. Patricia Middleton

    Such a wonderful heartfelt thank you for allowing me to share in Holy Mass. i am housebound except when when people are free to take me
    With them to Mass and cannot always get ready in time for lifts.
    I feel such joy in taking part in Mass and try to join you every day. God Bless you I remember you in my night prayers.

  70. Eileen Reynolds

    Dear People of St Mary of the Angels
    Many thanks for sharing your Mass this morning.
    You have done a great job with redecorating your church since I last looked.
    Best wishes

  71. At 3pm today, having been unable to get to my local Good Friday liturgy, I looked for somewhere that might be live-streaming it. I was delighted to find your site and watched and participated throughout the liturgy. Thank you so much for this wonderful facility. I’m sure I will visit you again!

  72. Hilary Wilkinson

    Greetings to the Catholic Parish in Worthing. I am a disabled lady from Nottingham, unable to get out today due to the overnight snow. This morning I decided to look online for Sunday Mass, so I could join with fellow Catholics our amazing faith. It was such a lovely service, clear sound and thank you father for your lovely singing. Now I know it is Sunday today! God less you all.

  73. I really appreciate you opening your church to everyone in this way. I am receiving treatment for breast cancer and not always able to attend Mass. This is the next best thing. I thank you and your parish most especially for your prayers for the sick and housebound. God bless.

  74. I found your church when looking for a service online.

    I enjoyed being with you this morning.

    I miss Holy Communion. I was wondering if Father might be able to give a virtual blessing to all of us who attend via the webcam? Just a thought.

    Thank you again and God Bless. See you next Sunday morning.

  75. Thank you Father for this great service. My wife is ill and not able to get to Mass. Its so wonderful for us to hear Mass most days and join in His celebration. This is a wonderful thing you are giving the World which goes out in Peace and draws people to love Our Lord.
    Thank you for organising and allowing this on line service for everyone. May God Bless you in every way.

  76. Unwell today, so unable to attend the Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion in my own parish. Delighted to find I had online options.

    Thank you – what a busy and vibrant parish and wonderful to see so many altar servers!

    With very best wishes for a Happy and Blessed Easter.

  77. Am I doing something wrong? We can see Mass but sound is completely absent.
    When we attend other sites there are no problems,


    1. Thanks for your comment Alan. Sadly over the Christmas period we lost the sound connection to our live broadcasts. This should now be back in place. Please do accept our apologies. Thanks and God bless you.

  78. Hi am a constant attendee of mass online as i live far from your parish and am based in London. so constantly watch mass since i found your website early 2015 but of the last couple of months whilst viewing online and listening to mass on iphone or on my computer or at families computer the sound quality has becoming very low even with volume turned up high. i have very good ears and have no hearing problems other people i know have also complained of problem. the sound quality is very low and one cant hear the priest speak its a very hard stretch even when i use my ear phones too its still low..this has never been a problem before. since you had the storm problems early this year and were down for a few sundays when it did come back online the sound quality was very low and hard to hear the priest speak or the readers. i dont know if the priest is wearing microphone or if location of microphones around the church has changed or reduced but the mass cant be heard can see the priest but the voice of priest and readers is very low. it appears you have a sound fault as it never used to be like this. I listen to music from computer and iphone and they all play loud but your online mass service is very very low in volume of sound. please please can this be resolved. i have been enjoying your mass even before the new priest who has a great singing voice took over from the old one..please resolve this many thanks. God bless you . take care

    1. Hi Chrissy, Thanks for your comment. We are working to resolve the sound problems. You are right this started from when the storm hit the church and we now need to replace some of the equipment to get the sound quality back to where it was. We are working to do this and hope to have something in place over the next few weeks. Thanks again and God bless you.

    1. Alan, thanks for your comment and thank-you for using our site. Yes, Mass will be online again shortly. Unfortunately an electrical storm knocked out the Internet broadcasts. Hoping to be fixed shortly. God bless you.

  79. Dear Father, Thank you for your heart lifting Mass today, the site is excellent!!! not well so had mass from home, my prayers for you and the parish see you soon.

    God Bless

    Maureen. ( 2nd Sunday of Lent )

  80. Dear Friends in Worthing
    Many thanks for the Mass today, I need to rest at home, just caught the end of Mass and enjoyed singing along to the hymns.
    Eileen in south east London

  81. Thank you very much for fixing the webcast–I assume the problem was on your server but maybe it’s my computer and it’s my life that that’s been purged!!! to let in God’s holy light!!!! As an expat living in another country, I missed listening and participating in daily mass in my native tongue. God bless you and I will pray for you Father!

  82. I would just like to say Thank You to Fr Chris and to everyone who enables me to take part in the Mass most days. I have been housebound for four years and so am unable to attend my local parish. But Fr Chris really makes me feel at home as he always welcomes those joining in via the net. I want you to know that you’ve made a big difference in my life! So thanks again and a Happy Retirement, Father!

  83. Just wanted to say I watched the mass online which was dedicated to my mother Elizabeth Robertson (6/9/2015) Thank you Fr Chris and special thanks to Heidi who was so helpful in making it possible this meant so much to me. Will also be joining you for the early services this week.

  84. I have enjoyed being able to join in mass with you for the last few weeks as I have not been able to get to mass at my own church and it was so much like ours I felt so much at home.i love the little ones joining you father around the alter a real family occasion.thank you so much .

  85. I appreciate being able to watch Mass live when it is difficult to get to my own church. I find it a little distracting that the new Mass is not entirely followed however, such as “Behold the Lamb of God” and “for you and for many” rather than “all”. Other than that bit of feedback, I’m glad that you enable us at home to have access to the Mass. Thank you.

  86. Thank you . I just had a small operation and was unable to go to my own church for mass. I live in Barnsley I enjoyed the service very much.. Thank You

    I did not like the promotion of sales of the ladies cds on the alter during mass.
    She could have sang during mass but didnt. this was only a sales promotion and told us she had visited 60 other churches . ok she was giving a donation to the church but to me it was not correct.

    1. Maureen Robertson

      Dear Fr Terry and aĺl parishioners. I like so many others are now watching Mass on line.I just wanted to let you know what comfort it brings especially as so many are having to isolate. At least we can all be together in spirit and our prayers and sufferings offered up for each other and the world .May God keep you all safe .

  87. Michaela Overton

    Hello everybody, It was so nice to be welcomed and invited Saturday evening at the barbecue, which I believe was for Fr Chris’s 50th ordination celebration? You were all so blessed and that the holy spirit was with me when I spontaneously took a right turn into one of the roads along the seaside to meet up with you. You have been very friendly and that your kindness was appreciated. Please let me know what the weather is like, as the weather here in London keeps on changing from sunshine and turns to showers. I hope to meet when I visit Worthing again. Peace and love, Michaela Overton, Forest Hill, London SE23.

  88. Margarida Holden

    Thank you so much for letting me take part in mass via the net.
    Due to a health problem I have now been housebound for 5 weeks, but have never missed a mass thanks to the Mass online. In the hardest time I’ve been trough, this service has been my lifeline and made me feel like I am still part of the community.
    I couldn’t be grateful enough!
    God bless you all!

  89. Eileen Reynolds

    Dear Friends in Worthing
    Always a boon to join you for Mass when I can’t get out.
    Many thanks
    Eileen in south east London

  90. As I am unable to attend mass at present being able to join in via the web has given me the chance to still be part of the communion of the faith. Always enjoy the examples Fr Chris provides as the lead in to his homily always makes me smile. I would be lost without access to the website.

  91. I am from Canutillo Texas, just west of El Paso. My sister, Silvie Martinez, lives in Worthing with her partner, John Debringer of Tunbridge Wells. I last visited St Mary’s in 1999. Due to an accident Silvie suffered, I returned this January of 2015. We visited St Mary’s the evening of Jan. 14, to light a candle for our Father’s 85th birthday, then attended Sunday Mass where we were so warmly welcomed be parishioners, Josephine & Peter! As Sivie & John worked, I attended morning Mass. On my last Saturday, Jan.24, I made my last purchases at the gift shop, when realizing I did not have sufficient funds & credit cards weren’t accepted, Anne so graciously totaled my purchases & allowed me to leave with the promise that I would deposit the funds in the mail drop of the Rectory, which we did, & Father opened the door to receive them. My family & friends stateside have been blessed to receive rosaries, a photo of the church in each calendar, date planners & medals from St Mary of The Angels, & I have been so blessed to once again visit your wonderful church, and Silvie & John! Please keep them in your prayers! Until my next visit, God bless you this Lent & throughout your walk with Him. Cynthia

  92. From South West London it’s a joy to take part in your masses both on weekdays and on Sunday. I have been unable to go out since surgery to my foot in Nov. last and I will be thus so until the end of March so it’s a wonderful service you provide and the welcome from Fr. Chris to all those taking part online really brings into the church with you there. Thank you so very much.

  93. Always a pleasure to join you for Mass when I can’t go out, many thanks. I do like that reading from Samuel.

  94. Thank you so much for this website.At last I can feel part of the Mass.I have health problems and to be able to see and hear Mass again means so much to me. God Bless you all

  95. I am going to my great niece’s baptism today in Eastbourne so will miss the 5.50 mass that we usually attend. So lovely to watch the 10.30 mass online before we go.

  96. Thank you so much for this website. It is a blessing for those of us who long to attend mass but are unable to do so.

  97. Catherine Gray (nee HAUCK)

    I’m so glad that you have the Mass online. Living so far away, it gives me the opportunity to join you all in prayer, especially this coming Sunday when we celebrate the evening Mass in memory of my brother Stephan Hauck and my mother Hilda Hauck, both sorely missed. God Bless you all. x

  98. Why not update your Facebook profile picture with the Arabic letter for ‘N’? This is what ISIS are putting on the property of Christians in Iraq etc to identify them. This will show solidarity with our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters. Email me at and I’ll send you a picture. God bless.

  99. Eileen Reynolds

    Dear Friends

    I was a bit tired today and needed a break, but hated missing Pentecost, our church St William of York Forest Hill south east London will look amazing today I know. I was able to catch the second half of your Mass and it was much appreciated, thank you. Sorry that your sacristy was broken into, I hope everyone is OK, these things can be a shock. Poor man, who keeps doing this.

    best wishes


  100. tiffany lewis and ashton way

    We are catjolic born and raisef it is our only religion thsts awesome that you have mass online


  101. Maureen Catherine Downing

    Always enjoy Mass at your wonderful Church and hearing Father Chris saying mass when I visit from London a truly family congregation and lovely choir and singers.

    A hard working Nurse from Central London.

  102. Thank you for providing this wonderful service it was lovely to join in with your parishioners for Sunday mass I wiil certainly be looking in on a regular basis. Special thanks to the parishioner who mentioned about the flash for ipad it certainly worked for me. God bless to the little ones baptised today.

  103. Catherine Gray (nee Hauck)

    It was lovely to join you all at Mass today as it was dedicated to my mum, Hilda. Living 300 miles away, but still able to attend St. Mary's Church for Mass is a blessing. God Bless.


  104. Alan and Audrey Steer

    It was lovely to turn the computer on this morning and find that you were back on line.  We have missed you!!

    Best wishes,

    Audrey and Alan

  105. I am a nurse and had to be at work at 11am today, thanks to the webcam I managed to watch the first 25 minutes of the Mass with Bishop Kieron today, and got to see my daughter pick up her confirmation certificate from the bishop! ( then dashed to work by the skin of my teeth!) thank you for this great addition to those who cannot make the services in person.

  106. I very much enjoy joining you on the net usually for the Sunday 5.30pm and thanks to Father for always saying hello to the net people. Be sure that I always wave lol.

    The Holy Thursday mass was particularly lovely and I was only sorry i couldn't join you on Good Friday and for the Easter vigil but I had to attend at my own parish.

    I must say that the church seems very well kept and always looks so well decorated – i love the nice and unusual touches like the shamrock for St Patrick and the various types of palms for Palm Sunday on the altar.

    Would it be possible to post some pics on the site so that we can see the whole inside of the church?

  107. In bed sick today and unable to attend Mass in my own (Anglican) Church so joined you online. Thank you for this ministry. I feel uplifted by joining you in worship.

  108. Thank you for allowing me to take part in the Mass with you. I have just had a hip replacement and am reliant on others for lifts to Mass so really appreciate being able to take part in daily Mass on line. i like the way Fr always greets those watching online.

    Thanks and God Bless, Mary


  109. This was amazing! I watched the 5:30 mass and it made me feel like I was back at home. I am a college student in Alabama, U.S. who would have to drive a while and wake up early to go to mass here and the mass there is nothing like my mass at home so having this to be so convenient is great and I also appreciate how much it feels like my mass back home.The 5:30 mass you have there is at 11:30 here which is perfect opposed to many other online masses which are at 4 or 5 am here. I appreciate that ya'll do this!

  110. It's very grateful to find this web mass from the net. I have been joining the web mass at times I can't commute to the church in Hong Kong, especially on the first day of Chinese New Year! I wish the community all the best.

  111. I would agree with all the previous comments about feeling included and not missing out on the mass when either ill or unable to attend for any reason. It also also nice for the net watchers to be acknowledged by you Father at the begining of each mass. The sunday children are delightful and it is good to see this – they are the furure of our faith. God bless the congregation.

  112. Lovely to join you for 5.30pm Mass today. I am babysitting my new grandson in USA !!! God Bless Fr. Chris and all at St. Mary's and thankyou for a lovely celebration of God's Love.

  113. Was not able to attend Mass today, Sunday, due to snow and ice.  It was wonderful to be part of a live Mass, so I do feel that I have attended Mass today.  God Bless you all.

  114. Dear Friends

    Thanks so much for the Mass this morning, I joined once before when I was ill and again today, feeling not strong enough to go out today, after losing my Dad a few weeks ago. Please pray for the repose of his soul, Joe Reynolds age 93. The hymns you sing are very similar to those at our church St William of York Forest Hill. Do you see a way of the words being on the screen for those who want to join the singing? More power to the elbow of the webmaster. Thanks.




    Eileen Reynolds

  115. I live in Milan and was able to go back to the UK this year for Christmas for the first time ever.  It was a real comfort to be able to be "at" Christmas Eve Mass (as I am every year) by watching your online service.  Thanks so much for sharing your services with the world, it makes a real difference!

  116. Alan and Audrey Steer

    Thank you for having some a wonderful site. We sit down and watch Mass every day, it is a highlight of the day!

  117. Due to my disability I am now unable to attend Mass but thanks to your website, especially to-day, I can participate again. It is the first day, for a long time, that I have been able to share the Mass with the Church and its people. To-day has given me great joy and comfort.  God bless to you all. Patsy, France

  118. Прывітанне з Паўднёвай Остроботнии

    (Which means Greetings from South Ostrobothnia – Thanks for your comment!)

  119. Elizabeth Anyaegbuna

    Greetings, from Rowlett/ Dallas/ Texas, It a pleasure visiting, this site, it has been a blessing, may the Almighty God in his inifite mercy continue to guide and protect all of us, Amen!

  120. Greetings from Karachi, Pakistan.
    Have had some problems with the vision and sound but it is SO good to see and hear Fr. Chris and know you are all still there!Will try again tomorrow for 10.30am Mass as I don’t think I will have a driver to take me to mass here and it’s too far to walk. Love to all and God Bless. Diana

  121. James Chasteauneuf

    Lovely to find this internet Mass on the anniversary of the dedication of St Mary of the Angels – “Not in a building but us – as the body of Christ” as Fr Chris said. I’m in Wales, haven’t managed to visit Worthing for a while now but will be viewing again soon – especially Advent, Christmas & Easter – I think I recognised Mr Bonetti at this the 8.30am Mass! God bless

  122. Loved participating in your live streaming mass. I am housebound with RA and was looking for such a site. God bless all. Ann, Malaysia.

  123. Veronica Goedhals

    I was so thrilled to find your website,i had a very nasty fall so was not able to attend Passion Sunday Mass,what a joy to share in your morning Mass.
    Many Thanks.Veronica Durban South Africa

  124. Great undertaking, me and my kids can watch the Holy Eucharist here in Saudi Arabia, while their mother attended the 10:30 mass.We Thank you for the equal chance.

  125. Lovely to be able to join you in spirit and participate in your worship when unable to get out. This is a terrific idea -thank you so much for all your efforts!

  126. Great idea! I live in Wales but come from Sussex. Lovely to be able to “attend” the Mass from home – my nearest churches are 10, 12, 16 and 20 miles away!
    Picture quality was pretty good – as was sound quality, except when the bell was rung (during the Eucharist) when there was a sound similar to cloth being brushed over a microphone.
    What a superb way to use the Internet – and a new way to give glory to God.
    Thank you.

  127. For some time I have felt that I have been missing out by not being on the web and it was as a result of reading about your web site that I have at last gone on line. On most weekdays I get to mass but to day I was not well enough and I have just enjoyed being at your 10 a.m. mass. To be able to see and hear so clearly has been wondwerful. I am 84 and very hard of hearing. Thank you so much.

  128. Richard Callaghan

    The Site is excellent.
    In the Groups section would you consider putting the The two Peace Vigils. Avila House on Tuesdays and the BlessedSacrament Chapel on Fridays

  129. It was lovely to be able to share in the Mass today as I have been poorly and unable to attend today. I think its wonderfull that we have such a lovely chance to share in Spirit even if not in person.

    God Bless All

  130. I’m able to hear mass, see my brother every Sunday, he’s one of the altar server on 5pm mass. It’s good to see him real time., He’s alone there and we’re in the Philippines. Great Site!!

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