Soup Run for the Homeless

Every Monday Night between 6-7pm we hold a Soup Run for the Homeless in the Parish Centre.

Have you got an hour to spare to help with meals or just socialise with these people, we would like to setup a rota?

Do you have unwanted gifts of spare socks and underwear (Clean) mostly for men but we do have a few females that are homeless or in bedsits without cooking facilities? We are also asking if you have spare sleeping bags and rucksacks, as the council regularly take their belongings away!

Do you have these items lurking in the back of your cupboards? Also sun-creams. Summer will soon be here but the Homeless Issue will not go away days might be warm (or wet) but the nights will be cold they still need our help.

If you think you can help please contact Rod Thick or Heidi Walker or leave above items in the sacristy for our attention. Many thanks

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