Sea Sunday 11th July 2010

Today is Sea Sunday when the Church remembers all those who live and work at sea.

Many people have never stopped to consider how important seafarers are to our standard of living. Without them we would not have most of the items we use in our everyday lives. Many of these seafarers do not have the quality of life on board that every human has the right to. Apostleship of the sea (AoS) is the official maritime welfare agency of the Catholic Church in Great Britain. The Apostleship of the Sea reaches out to seafarers that visit our ports each year, offering pastoral and practical support and care. AoS is wholly dependent on voluntary donations to continue its work; it takes the love of Christ to seafarers in the name of the Church, recognising them as our brothers and sisters in need. Sea Sunday is the principal fundraising and awareness-raising event of the year for AoS. Today’s second collection will be taken at Masses throughout the country, this annual event is absolutely vital for AoS to continue their work.

Please give generously, and remember seafarers in your prayers. Thank you.

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