Real Easter Eggs

The REAL Easter Egg Easter eggs are a symbol of hope & new life, these Fairtrade eggs are the only ones on sale that give the good news and tell the real story of Easter. They will be on sale after all Masses on the next 2 weekends or until they sell out!

Each box contains a 150g egg and a colourful booklet about the Easter story as well as a bag of ‘Chunky Chocolate Buttons’ – all for £3.99!

Some supermarkets Tesco's, Morrison's, are also stocking a very limited number but If your local shop/supermarket doesn’t stock them do ask them to do so in future. The more demand that can be created for them means more opportunities for the ‘Real’ Good News of Easter to be spread. As well as being Fairtrade, each egg sold will mean a donation made to education & development charities. Other Fairtrade items will also be available as usual.

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