Public Holy Mass 5th July – Important

HOLY MASSES  I am pleased to say that we are now permitted to open the church again for Sunday and weekday Masses.  This is good news!  Masses will resume from Sunday 5th July at the ‘usual’ times (8:30am,  10:30am and 5:30pm).

Please bear in mind the following if you intend to come to Mass:

  • Follow the guidance of the stewards for one-way entrance/exit through the church
  • Be sure to use the hand sanitiser provided on entering and leaving
  • DO NOT come to Mass if you have flu-like symptoms
  • Please be sure to sit 2 metres apart, except where you are with people from one household
  • Holy Communion will be distributed in one kind only, on the hand.  The priest will explain the procedure to you at the appropriate time.

The Sunday Obligation remains suspended, so there is no sin in not attending Sunday Mass.  Please, therefore, think about spreading out your Mass attendance to allow the largest number of people to be accommodated within the social distancing arrangements.

You are, of course, free to bring Gloves and Masks to Mass and use them if you feel it is safer.  Each person will be respected for the decisions that they make in this matter.  However, it would not be appropriate to receive Holy Communion while wearing gloves.

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1 thought on “Public Holy Mass 5th July – Important”

  1. Dear Father Terry,

    May I thank you for the live mass services that you have provided throughout the lockdown time from March 22nd. to the present time. I am really most thankful. After watching on the first occasion, I found that my own parish, Birchley St. Mary’s, in the Liverpool Arch Diocese, had a mass on line commencing from 10 am. the following week. However, when I went on line it was on Facebook and the sound was so bad that at 100% I could not make out what was being said, so at 10.30 I switched back to St. Maryl of the Angels and had to reduce the sound to 40% so I have used yours ever since.

    One other comment. During yesterday’s mass, the sound suddenly reduced drastically and was just discernable with the sound level at 100% from just before the consecration to the end. I think your battery must have run out.

    Kind regards, Peter A. Burns.

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