Prophetic Evangelisation Workshop

A workshop to help and encourage us to share the love Jesus Christ has given us. Lead by John Ghazal from the Brighton Prayer Chair.

When we love God and want others to experience this, God will use everything about our personalities and our lives to help bring about his kingdom.

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About John Ghazal

John Ghazal with wife Tracy are owners are managers of Oasis House rest home where they have opened their family home caring and living in community with five older people for the last 16 years. Oasis House is a Christian home and as an organisation is a member of the Brighton Evangelical Alliance although John, Tracey and their 4 boys worship at St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Brighton. John has a true heart for ecunism and unity within the body of Christ.

John has a roll nationally in the catholic charismatic renewal in the Roman Catholic Church training up prayer ministry teams for the Brighton celebrate conference and speaking and equiping the church both nationally and internationally on various subjects a favourite being prophetic evangelism.

John's passion for the lost is poured out through a move of the Holy Spirit called Prayerchair ministries. John and other hosts from across the denomonations in Brighton and other parts of the country go out to bring the love of God to the lost, with signs wonders & miracles often resulting in people making a deeper commitment to Christ. The prayerchair is set up in the middle of a heavily pedestrianised area and offer people passing by an opportunity to experience the presence of God & an encounter with Christ.


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