Planning for the future

During the autumn, and then in early 2018, Bishop Richard will visit all thirteen deaneries in our diocese as he begins, with us all, a review of how the diocese will look and work in the future.

This will be an active, honest, realistic, and far-reaching assessment of how to provide for the parishes of the deanery. We know, according to our present numbers, that on 1st January 2030 we shall hope to have just 50 priests under the age of 65 (Fr Terry will be
66 just a few days later that same year!). It is clear that not every parish will have a resident priest by 2030. We all need to prepare for major changes to the shape and structure of diocesan and parish life … Generosity and a willingness to change will be asked of us all (and many of us find change very difficult!).

Please pray for the bishop and his advisers at this exciting (and challenging) time of renewal.

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