Parish Project – Uganda Amazing Youth Centre

Parish Project Uganda Amazing Youth Centre. Latest News From Nigel Edward-Few, Director of Jubilee Action.

Building of the youth and vocational training centre is happening, albeit very slowly in terms of its construction, not least due to the rain on site and the difficulty of actually getting supplies and materials to the site! Hence, it is behind schedule and the projected completion date is now mid-January 2012. This is very disappointing of course, in that we cannot press on with the practical training and skills development that is so urgently needed and for which we need the workshops built. The counselling and the training of the counsellors is however coming along at a good rate; the counselling team that are currently undergoing on-going training, now numbers 60 individuals. David and Agnes Lagen of course primarily lead this initiative. Our partners, Network for Africa, are also providing experienced external trainers and psychologists. In mid-November, the counsellors are going to receive 2 weeks of external, professional, concentrated counselling training. Anna-mai and I are visiting Patongo in the first week of November and will be meeting with the counsellors and the counsellors’ trainers as well as, of course visiting the site to see the progress of the building. Upon our return, we will be able to provide a fuller update on progress. Can I take this opportunity to once again thank the congregation at St Mary of the Angels for all your time, interest in and incredibly generous support to the work of our programme in Patongo? We are so grateful that you have chosen to invest in these projects that are of such importance for the children and young people there.

CAFOD – We are starting a collection of used stamps & UK & foreign coins for CAFOD. If you have any to spare please could you leave them in the containers in the Sacristy .

Night Shelter – We are still collecting tins of food, clothing, blankets etc. please leave in the Sacristy.

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