Our climate is in our hands…

2009 is a CRUCIAL year for action on climate change. United Nations leaders are meeting in Copenhagen on 5th Dec to decide on global action on climate change.

What do they need to do to stop climate catastrophe? The UK Government must take a lead in establishing a fair and binding agreement. We need a deal that helps people in developing countries to flourish through sustainable development; provide necessary support for developing countries to adapt to impacts of climate change and tackle the root cause of the problem by cutting emissions of the green house gases that cause climate change.

Droughts, floods and extreme weather condition will intensify with climate change. Out of love for God and our neighbours, we are called to protect the earth which we share hand in hand with brothers and sisters worldwide. We can call on world leaders for fair global climate change deal. Our climate is in our hands so please support CAFOD’S climate justice campaign by signing cards available at church next weekend.

There is a display in the social area to find out more about the campaign.