Old Postcard Of St Mary of the Angels

St Mary of the Angels Interior Sometime After 1902
St Mary of the Angels Interior Sometime After 1902

While at an antiques fair yesterday I stumbled across this old postcard and noticed that the scene looked strangely familiar!

As you may recognise, this is a view of inside of our church facing Westwards toward the old high altar. The photo is likely taken from the centre of the aisle, roughly where the pulpit is now.

This was a real chance find as the stall-holder had thousands of old postcards and he encouraged me to look through all he had related to Worthing. This was in that pile. He told me that the image must be from after 1902 as the postcard has a line down the middle of the back – which was only introduced after that date.

It’s interesting to see that the Jesus on the cross is the same as in our church now. Also you can see areas both south and north from the altar, which are now closed off. If you want to see the image in a larger format please click on it and it should open up.

A nice find, particularly just after the close of our year long celebration of SMOTA 150.

2 thoughts on “Old Postcard Of St Mary of the Angels”

  1. I am not a little concerned with the comment ‘How curious that this postcard should turn up just now’. A copy of this postcard has been in the possession of a parishioner for some years. It was included in the production of the parish history book published in July this year. Those that have purchased the book will have seen the reproduction on page 46. The picture shows the church prior to the extension to the west organised in 1938/39 just before the start of W.W.2. The rood screen shown was erected in September 1904 the gift of the Dowager Lady Loder. The screen with calvary figures including the crucifix was taken down in’38 and at that time, I have been told, was used by the adjoining convent. I cannot verify this however.
    May I suggest that Mr.Martin and any others interested in St. Mary of the Angels church who have not bought the ‘St. Mary of the Angels – 150 Years of History’ book might find much of interest inside it. It is on sale in the Repository at church or it can be bought from Worthing Museum in Chapel Road.

    The Parish Archivist.

  2. Now that’s what a Catholic church should look like. How curious that this postcard should turn up just now. By coincidence I was seeking one such photograph, since I find post-conciliar church re-ordering rather dispiriting, and wanted to see how SMOTA once looked. When one visits the church it is just possible to see how grand she once was, but the modern facade is, in my opinion, devoid of beauty and detracts from an atmosphere of sancity. It’s almost as if the Holy Spirit is indicating how he would like SMOTA to look! A Tridentine Mass would be the obvious next step. And then I would not have to drive and tithe to St Mary Magdalen in Brighton every Sunday!
    Mater Dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus


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