Awaiting a Saviour

The Saviour whom we await [at Advent] is able to transform our life with his grace, with the power of the Holy Spirit, with the power of love. The Holy Spirit, in fact, infuses our hearts with God’s love, the inexhaustible source of purification, of new life and freedom. The Virgin Mary fully lived this  reality, allowing herself to be ‘baptized’ by the Holy Spirit who inundated her with his power. May she, who prepared for the coming of Christ with the totality of her existence, help us to follow her example and may she guide our steps to the coming Lord.

Pope Francis, Advent 2017

Advent Small Groups

You are very welcome to join one of the following friendly, prayerful groups for Advent. They last about one and a half hours, once a week, and we reflect on the forthcoming Sunday’s Mass Readings. Leaflets will be provided at the meetings. See the following dates and venues:

  • From Monday 19th November; 2.00pm, off Wallace Avenue. Contact Roz & Michael (507167)
  • From Tuesday 20th November; 2.00pm, Marine Parade. Contact Marisa & Mike (539970)
  • From Friday 23rd November; 8.00pm, Westcourt Road. Contact Anne & Norma (231014)

For further information and to show your interest, please ‘phone the relevant ‘phone number, as future dates and details may vary. Come to one or two if you cannot make it every week.

YMCA Worthing Chaplaincy Team

YMCA Worthing are expanding their chaplaincy team.  Worthing Foyer houses twenty-nine vulnerable young people aged 16-25.   Could you be a volunteer chaplain and add real value to the work they do?  Chaplaincy takes place on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm. We would ask for a commitment of one evening every 2-3 weeks. There is more information at  Interested? Contact Lucy McGrath, Lead Chaplain  or 01273 222563.

Eucharistic Adoration and Prayers for Healing

At 7.30pm, Monday 5th November in the Lady Chapel, there will be Eucharistic Adoration and prayers for healing.  Please do join us to receive prayers for healing or for any other intention.  Please bring along family members or friends – even those who may not regularly attend Mass.  For enquiries please contact or call 07557 380009.

Fr Chris Ingle Spitfire Film

Recently, St Michael’s parish gave Fr Chris Ingle a spitfire flight for his 70th birthday.  Fr John Nuttall has put together the footage of that event, the film of which will be shown at St Michael’s on Sunday 18th November at 6.00pm.  Refreshments will be available and all are most welcome.