Newsletter Items from the Justice & Peace Group week commencing 29-5-22

CAFOD have a new Campaign FIX THE FOOD SYSTEM,  The global food system is broken. There’s enough food to feed everyone in the world, but millions still live in poverty. Please send a message to the Foreign Secretary

Live Simply Tip of the Week from Laudato Si Movement.  The assessment from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says things are poised to get worse…but also makes it clear that the future of the planet depends in large part on the choices that humanity takes today.

Fairtrade – Tradecraft Exchange We bring people together, to fight injustice in trade.  In its simplest form trade should be beneficial for everyone involved. Goods and money are exchanged and everyone is better off. But global trade doesn’t work this way – instead it feeds the rich and exploits the poor. It traps people in poverty. It’s our mission to challenge the way global trade works – to use the power of trade to create lasting solutions to poverty.

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