CAFOD is combining efforts with the DEC to launch the Afghanistan Crisis Appeal. In Afghanistan, 8 million people are on the brink of famine because of drought, collapsing economy, food shortages, conflict, and COVID. CAFOD is supporting sister Caritas agencies to reach communities most in need with food, clean water, and fuel. During Advent, when we open ourselves to the needs of others, let’s do all that we can to save lives. You can donate on the CAFOD website:  and please pray for the people of Afghanistan.


LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the Week Get rid of the big items. There’s tons of little clutter in our lives, but if you start with the big items, you’ll simplify your life quickly and in a big way.


Fairtrade Bananas – A Success Story  Hip hip hooray! The Fairtrade banana is 25 years old.  The first bananas with the Fairtrade Mark arrived on supermarket shelves in 1996. These bananas came from the Volta River Estates in Ghana and are still certified today, see  We are a Fairtrade Parish so let’s  promote Fairtrade in the local area.  Enjoy your Fairtrade bananas in 2022!

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