Newsletter Items from the Justice & Peace Group week commencing 24-4-22

Save Delia’s sight- From one of our parishioners – I lived in the Philippine 1997 to 2000 and worked with Delia. She became a dear friend. Recent wrong diabetes diagnosis and treatment by a useless doctor has exploded blood vessels in the back of her eye. There is no NHS in the Philippines and every single test, treatment, doctor, medication, operation, follow up has to be paid for. There are hack doctors, and the good ones are expensive and in Manila, a journey by air for her from Ozamis City in the south where she lives.  Delia is of very modest means. Her difficulties are urgent. She is terrified of going blind. Thank you very much for any help. There’s a Crowd Funder at

Fr Silvester from Uganda linked up with us at the last Justice & Peace meeting. As well as being a parish priest he is chair of the Diocese Justice & Peace network. He gave us an update on the Medical Centre in Uganda & thanked us for all the help we have been able to give.  He thinks what we have done has been tremendous and he really wants us to continue in any way we can.


LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the Week  Buy Ethically Buy things that align with your values and support people you value (local traders, fair-trade social enterprises, up and coming artisans) and you’ll use your purchasing power for good.


Catholic Worker Movement was founded in 1933 by Dorothy Day  at the instigation of Peter Maurin, a self-described peasant-philosopher and Christian radical.  Communities are built around doing the ‘works of mercy’ – feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, visiting the prisoner etc. – and finding the often challenging face of Christ there. While sharing their lives with the victims of injustice and violence, they seek out the root of these problems and challenge the social and political systems that cause them. They see this work of resistance to injustice and violence as part of the “spiritual works of mercy”.  The Catholic has a House of Hospitality in London & have been supported by our Justice & Peace Group


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