Newsletter Items from the Justice & Peace Group week commencing 23rd Aug 2021


The Columbans  Pope Francis is in support of the nuclear ban treaty as are the Columbans who have a broad understanding of security in the age of such threats as climate change, diminishing biodiversity & mass migrations of people.

LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the Week  Did you know that if you donate any unwanted clothing or other textiles to the Councils’ recycling bins, the money raised goes back into local projects that benefit our communities?  In Worthing, funds go to Worthing Community Chest, a local, charity which supports projects to enable social and economic wellbeing. To find your nearest textiles recycling bins,…/recycling-centres/

CAFOD are delighted to be part of the movement for fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines.  Access to the vaccine must be made available to all, not just those in rich countries. Please sign

CYCALL Adapted Cycling.  CYCALL is an inclusive cycling project for people with a disability, learning difficulty or need some support using adapted bikes which operates from Brooklands Park, Worthing.  CYCALL provides adapted cycling equipment for children & adults. Sessions take place on a Friday & Saturday (April to September).   They have a wide range of bikes including trikes, wheelchair transporters and hand propelled bikes. See

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