Fr SILVESTER This Sunday & next, the parish will be collecting medical-related items for Fr. Silvester’s health clinic in Uganda. The type of items needed are spectacles, hearing aids, clinical uniforms (male and female), syringes, dental and surgical equipment such as callipers, forceps, bandages and plasters, clinical thermometers, stethoscopes, insulin meters, pulse oximeter and surgical gloves.  Larger items, such as ultrasound scanners (general and antenatal), x-ray machine, patient monitoring machine, oxygen concentrator, complete blood count machine, oxygen tanks, and a medical refrigerator are also needed. Does anyone have contacts that could help with sourcing this equipment? If so, please contact a member of the Justice and Peace Group. Visits from doctors and
nurses to the clinic would also be very welcome; please speak to a member of the J&P Group. Please leave items in boxes each end of the church

RED WEDNESDAY 24th NOV our parish will mark “Red Wednesday”, an international campaign run by Aid to the Church in Need (ACN). Red Wednesday provides an important opportunity for us to pray for people who suffer for their faith; this is more important than ever in a world and society that rejects fundamental faith values and scorns the believer.  There will be a board with information outside of the church to inform passers-by of the campaign.– all to draw attention to the fact that Christians and others suffer, throughout the world for daring to be people of faith. What can you do to help? On 24th November why not pray for the persecuted at midday; pray the Rosary for peace in the world;  wear an item of red clothing; support the work of the ACN via their website    or Twitter #RedWednesday   Please show your support for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

PARISH PROJECTS We are now ready to start supporting our two new Parish Projects. 1/Living Pearl Ukraine– accommodate boys without families or homes to go to.  2/ Through Aid to the Church in Need we will be supporting St John the Merciful Table Centre that helps families fleeing from Syria as refugees to Lebanon.  More information on these projects will follow during the next few weeks.

LIVE SIMPLY TIP OF THE WEEK- SWITCH TO LED LIGHTING & SAVE MONEY & ENERGY It works out that a nationwide switch to LED light bulbs would dramatically slash UK electricity demand.  LED lighting is so efficient that if UK homes, street lights, and businesses were to switch, we’d save 2 x the amount of electricity a nuclear power station will produce at peak times (like during the winter). And it saves money on consumer bills too!  Solutions like these, where power is used more efficiently, should play a bigger role in the transition to a clean energy future. You can buy LED’s in many High Street stores


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