Newsletter items from the Justice & Peace Group Week Commencing 19-7-20 

Worthing For Refugees who we supported as Parish Project for the last 2 years sent the following request.  We have had a steady trickle of requests from our refugee families over the last few months for items that are beyond their means financially.  The list below includes items to replace worn out appliances, or things that would help them in the home.  If you are able to help, please email with a photo.

  • freezer
  • fridge
  • fridge freezer (may need 2)
  • wet vacuum cleaner
  • small TV
  • sewing machine

If you would like to help, but don’t have any of the items, please consider a donation and we will seek to source second hand goods for the families.


Live Simply Tip of the Week – Treat your greens Save water with every meal by washing your vegetables in a bowl, instead of under a running tap. Then keep your houseplants happy by giving them a drink with the discarded water. Provided by Friends of the Earth


CAFOD We are living through the biggest public health crisis in a century. Right across the UK, coronavirus is having a devastating impact on all of our daily lives, and many people have lost precious loved ones. But in many developing countries where poverty is widespread and healthcare systems are much more fragile, the effects are likely to be disastrous.

We must never forget that we are one global family, united in this struggle. Now is not the time to build barriers, but for the world to unite in love and compassion.  Out of love for our sisters and brothers overseas, please sign our petition asking the Prime Minister to ensure that the most vulnerable people are the priority in the UK’s international efforts as well as at home.

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