Newsletter Items from the Justice & Peace Group week commencing 19-6-22


Refugee Week 20-26th June during Refugee Week, we’re inviting you to explore the theme of ‘Healing’. Healing means recovering from a painful experience or situation, so that we can continue to live. No-one understands this better than those who have lost their homes and had to build new lives from scratch. We have much to learn from refugees about holding onto hope when going on seems impossible – as well as about how art, creativity and community can help us to heal.  Those going through the asylum system also know that healing is an ongoing process, made harder by poverty, housing difficulties and the threat of being detained or deported. Asking for change, so that refugees can truly feel safe, is an act of care.

Whether it’s about looking after ourselves and each other at difficult times, overcoming political divisions or coming together to fight for the survival of our shared planet, healing matters to all of us. Whoever and wherever you are, we hope you’ll join us for Refugee Week 2022 to imagine a world where healing replaces harm, and care becomes our shared currency.

CAFOD We Need to roll out COVD Vaccine Worldwide Please sign petition to the Prime Minister…

Live Simply Tip of the Week Get to know your neighbours; they are more likely to keep your home safe than energy-guzzling security lamps.

CAFOD says a huge thank you for all your prayers, support and donations -especially through Lent for the people of Ukraine. Catholics in England and Wales have donated over £3 million, and this is enabling immediate practical support – such as provision of food, shelter and transport.  Please keep the people of Ukraine and all our sisters and brothers who face daily suffering in your prayers.  Visit  for more information.  Thank you and God Bless.  Jo Kitterick CAFOD Director of Fundraising.



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