CAFOD Campaign Fix the Food System The global food system is broken. It doesn’t work for those who work the hardest and it’s a major driver of the climate emergency.  Please take action & sign the petition to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss


Live Simply Tip of the Week Turn off the water while brushing your teeth and/or while lathering up in the shower. A running tap can waste over six litres per minute.


We are a Fairtrade Church Chocolate is one of the UK’s favourite foods. The farmers growing cocoa however, do not reap the rewards of its popularity, with many experiencing extreme poverty. Together with farmers and businesses, Fairtrade is working for a fairer world


Water Shortage in India – From NJPN E-Bulletin A video has gone viral showing two women scaling the wall of a well to access water has highlighted the acute shortage in several areas of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.  The video shows the women on the wall of the well without a rope or harness to access water. People in Ghusiya village have been forced to take such extreme measures after wells and ponds have dried. Several other areas across India are facing similar water crisis.


Stay in the cool whenever possible during the next few days!


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