Newsletter items from the Justice & Peace Group Week Commencing 14-11-21


 Fr SILVESTER This Sunday & for the next few weeks, the parish will be collecting medical-related items for Fr. Silvester’s health clinic in Uganda. The type of items needed are spectacles, hearing aids, clinical uniforms (male and female), syringes, dental and surgical equipment such as callipers, forceps, bandages and plasters, clinical thermometers, stethoscopes, insulin meters, pulse oximeter and surgical gloves.  Larger items, such as ultrasound scanners (general and antenatal), x-ray machine, patient monitoring machine, oxygen concentrator, complete blood count machine, oxygen tanks, and a medical refrigerator are also needed. Does anyone have contacts that could help with sourcing this equipment?  If so, please contact a member of the Justice and Peace Group. Visits from doctors and nurses to the clinic would also be very welcome; please speak to a member of the J&P Group. Please leave items in boxes each end of the church

Parish Projects We are now ready to start supporting our two new Parish Projects.   1/ Living Pearl Ukraine – accommodate boys without families or homes to go to.    2/ Through Aid to the Church in Need we will be supporting St John the Merciful Table Centre that helps families fleeing from Syria as refugees to Lebanon.  More information on these projects will follow during the next few weeks.

LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the Week Make friends with your freezer.  Four out of ten British shoppers throw perfectly good food away from their freezer because they can’t remember what it is. Get in the habit of labelling, to cut waste and save yourself money.  Provided by Friends of the Earth

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