Jubilee Debt Campaign  – As bombing and shelling ripped through Ukraine’s towns and cities in the first week of the invasion, the Ukrainian government still made a scheduled interest payment to its private lenders on time. The lenders—mostly international finance institutions, banks, and hedge funds—are all queuing up to collect their debts, with no sign of respite.  The people of Ukraine are fighting for their survival while dealing with huge humanitarian needs, mass displacement, and the horrific siege conditions in Mariupol. And yet they are seeing urgently needed resources flow out of the country to foreign creditors.  If Ukraine continues to make its debt payments, Western banks and hedge funds could make profits of 300%. Please add your signature to the petition to the World Leaders

Ride & Stride:The 2022 Sussex Ride & Stride is taking place on the 10th September and we would like to invite your Church, to get involved. What’s happening? Organised by Sussex Historic Churches Trust, Ride & Stride encourages walkers and cyclists to get sponsored to visit Churches/Chapels across the county on the 10th September

LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the Week – more tips to attract Bees Here’s some Bee friendly flower’s: Poppies can bloom from early summer, right up until October – giving bees months of pollen.  Evergreen clematis why not use them to brighten up a wall, or drape them over a pergola to provide shade during the summer?  Foxglove Bees absolutely love foxgloves, and on some days it seems like they’re almost queueing up to crawl inside their many petals.

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