Newsletter Items for Easter Week from the Justice & Peace Group

You can read this inspirational blog from the CAFOD site “Eater Signs of Hope in a time of Crisis

Live Simply Tip of the Week For ideas about saving leftovers there’s lots of good ideas on “love Food Hate Waste”

CAFOD – Campaigning works! See what you’ve achieved

Campaigning is powerful because it addresses poverty and injustice head-on. It tackles the root causes of poverty, not just the symptoms. Thanks to tens of thousands of you who’ve taken part in our campaigns over the years, we’ve witnessed some historic breakthroughs. Take action now: join our latest campaigns and sign up for email alerts

1 thought on “Newsletter Items for Easter Week from the Justice & Peace Group”

  1. Catherine Croft

    I found your online mass on Good Friday very worthwhile. The priest has a very clear voice. I just stumbled on this site when I gave up with other online masses and am so pleased I have found something with such clarity.

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