We and our team in Patongo are obviously looking forward to having the new Centre completed as a focal point for this work and to be able to expand into literacy, educational and practical skills training including agriculture and vegetable production. In the meantime, David and Agnes Lagen and their local team are continuing their work of reconciliation, healing, counselling and support work for this disadvantaged community, mostly of young people who have known nothing but the cruellest of wars for all their lives for more than 25 years until it ended in 2008. The work continues in temporary buildings and the community, and many young people, boys and girls, are being reached and supported through counselling and one-to-one care.

More than 60 young people in the community recently attended sessions over 12 days to be trained in counselling and support, listening skills, developing safe spaces and in calming children, so that they in turn can go out into their more remote communities to meet the immense need that exists. A further training period is planned for October this year followed by two in 2012 and two in 2013.

Over the last twelve months, 565 young people attended training on abstinence, HIV/AIDS and career guidance. Several of the youth groups have been helped to cultivate their land with simsim, cassava, ground nuts, sorgum, egg plant and sweet potatoes.

Next Sunday there will be a speaker from Jubilee Action at each Mass and collection. See the display in the Social Area

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