New Online Donation Service

During this challenging time, where we are unable to attend Mass together and rely increasingly on the Spiritual Mass in the online services we offer. We’ve introduced an online doation service to enable you to support this online service and all the other important work our Church community does.  The Diocese has launched an online ‘parish offertory support campaign’ so you can make your offertory donation online if you wish.

This online donations service is quick and very simple – however please do remember that this is a Diocesan service and you will need to leave a clear message that your gift is for the parish of St Mary of the Angels otherwise it will not reach this church. For more information on why it is stuctured like this, please read the information further below.

How do I give?

  1. Click the link to the A&B Diocese JustGiving Donate page (green icon below).
  2. Important: Towards the end of the donation process you must leave a message to say your donation is for “St Mary of the Angels, Worthing”. Without this message your donation will not be given to this parish.
  3. Please Gift Aid your donation, if you are eligible as Gift Aid helps our parishes to thrive.
  4. You will be asked by JustGiving whether you would like to share your details with the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. Telling us who you are really helps, as it means we can share details of your donation with your parish.
JustGiving Link
Click icon to be redirected to donate via JustGiving

Data Protection

Your details will be kept private and confidential. We comply with data protection regulation and the fundraising regulator code of practice. We will never sell your data to third parties. We will use your details to administer your gifts, occasionally send you news on the work of the Church, and give you the opportunity to support appeals. You can read our full privacy policy:

Why is it a Diocesan Account?

Our charity’s structure. As we share the same charity number this means we can only have one JustGiving account across the Diocese. A shared ‘offertory support campaign’ is the simplest way to provide an online service for us all. A single Diocesan account also reduces the parish admin required, making it as easy as possible for parishes.

Thank you for your generosity of heart.

Pope Francis composed a prayer to Our Lady, Health of the Sick, to implore her protection during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Online Giving Thank-you



1 thought on “New Online Donation Service”

  1. Dear Father Martin,
    We have really appreciated the live streaming of the Mass during Lockdown, which we hope will continue until we feel safe to attend our church of St. Joan of Arc’s in Farnham. We have valued your Homilies and the Choral Mass, in the very peaceful setting of your Church., which we hope to visit in person soon.

    We have had difficulties saying the we are not robots, so will give an offering when we visit.

    Thank you again; praise be to God,

    Anne & Mike mitchell

    Yours sincerely,

    Anne & Mike Mitchell


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