‘More Than Gold’ Worthing Mission Launch Weekend Service

The ‘More Than Gold’ Worthing Mission is an evangelistic event being held later this year (June 9th–17th). St Mary of the Angels and our neighbouring Christian churches will be uniting to bring the message of the Gospel to the people of Worthing. There are some events in the coming weeks where people from all the churches will join together to pray and to prepare.

Open Door Prayer Meetings:

  • 10am 21st February, Cornerstone Methodist Church, The Steyne.
  • 8pm 27th February, St Mary of the Angels at the Charismatic Prayer Group
  • 10:30am 28th February, Emmanuel United Reformed Church, St Michael’s Road

Please attend one of these prayer meetings to pray alongside fellow Christians in preparation for the Mission.

‘More Than Gold’ Mission Launch Weekend 3rd-4th March

The Mission launches the first weekend in March with a breakfast on Saturday 3rd March morning at 8:30am for the various group leaders from those Churches involved. If you lead or are involved in a group in our Church and would like to represent St Mary’s at this free breakfast please speak to either Andrew Grott or Stuart Burman.

A joint service for all churches involved will be held on Sunday 4th March at St Matthew’s, Tarring Road at 6:30pm. Please do represent our church in this service.

If you have an idea as to how our Church can reach out to the Worthing community and bring others to experience Jesus (maybe a hobby or interest you have could become a church event!) then please speak to Stuart Burman (01903 236615) or Andrew Grott (01903 536079).

Finally, please be united with these other churches with your prayers for the Mission and for the conversion of neighbours and friends.

“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” Mark 16:15

2 thoughts on “‘More Than Gold’ Worthing Mission Launch Weekend Service”

  1. Lovely piece of advertising here, Stuart!  But I've just noticed you've not got location for Sunday 4th March evening service = St Matthew's.  You might want to get that on…
    Also, would it be a good idea to have Bryan as a contact too? – I don't know how you guys are working this, so forgive me if that's covered somewhere.
    In Christ


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