Minutes of J & P Meeting 10/11/09

Minutes of J & P Meeting 10/11/09
1/Money Matters. We now have the Coop bank account in use

2/Preda Items will continue to go into the Newsletter after the Climate Campaign about the project & it’s link with Covenant With The Poor.
It was decided to wait until the spring before having a speaker as early 2010 will be busy
Dereck suggested that the £60 / week from the collection should be paid as a monthly direct debit

3/J&P Leaflets. It was agreed we would go ahead & get 300 printed
When they are ready a member of the group will do an appeal for new members from the pulpit & leaflets will be given out afterwards

4/ White Poppies 10 were sold, we have now run out therefore more will need to ordered for next year

5/Asylum Seekers at Gatwicke We have collected clothing for young men, these need to be sent to Gatewick & we need to enquire if the scheme is continuing, if so a request should go in the newsletter in the new year

4/Traid Craft The next sale to be 6th Dec. Rod to ask the Oxfam shop if we can have handicraft gifts to sell on a sale/return basic for that Sunday as it’s approaching Christmas

5/Harvest Festival Anne suggested having sales of produce on a regular basis on the Sunday’s that we have a Traidcraft stall. The proceeds should go to one of our projects.
Are we going to continue asking parishioners to bring garden/allotment produce for sale on a monthly basis, if so we must advertise in the newsletter & have volunteers man the stall

5/Environment CAFOD Climate Justice Campaign. Cards have been sent off this week 125 signed a brilliant effort by the Parish

6/The National Climate Change March takes place on Sat 5th Dec in London, also the rally in Copenhagen on 12th Dec. These are 2 events some of us may go to, especially London. How do we advertise or involve the Parish, the main thing is for people to attend, is there anything people can do locally who won’t be attending?

7/future events Message from Zoe CAFOD worker
I hope you are well and that Harvest Fast Day was a big success in your parish. Thank you for the time that you gave and the efforts you made. Because of you, men, women and children in some of the poorest communities in the world have seen their lives improve in some very practical ways.

I’m writing now because in February 2010 it will be the 50th anniversary of Lent Fast Day – and we have an interesting (and easy) new way for celebrating it together that I hope you and your parish will enjoy. It’s called give it up! and we would love to meet together as a deanery both to share what it will be and how it will work. Ashley Ralston, Worthing Deanery Coordinator is holding a deanery meeting on Saturday the 14th of November at Christ The King in Steyning. At this meeting, in addition to a few other discussions, Ashley will present some information about how Lent Fast Day will look different this year and any pertinent information for you in your various roles. The Deanery meetings are normally finished by 1 o’clock.

It would be great if you could come along to find out more about the deanery and about give it up! We’ll watch a short film that will explain what give it up! is and what we can achieve. We’ll also look at some of the new resources available and think about all the ways we can take part, and share ideas for how we celebrate 50 years of Fast Days.

We hope it’s going to be a tremendous opportunity for all of us to work together to change more lives through CAFOD than we have ever done before. If there is anyone in your parish who you think would like to be involved with CAFOD within your parish, please do invite them to come. They may not want to sign up for life, but if they want they can just help out for give it up!

Please do let Ashley know if you are able to attend. Likewise, if you are bringing anyone else, then that is great, if you just tell us who we’ll add them to the list. I appreciate this is short notice and apologise for that, so please don’t feel pressured into coming. We do hope, though, that you are free and able to come. If you would like to contact us at the office, please do, our contact details are below.

Next Meeting to be agreed