Love food hate waste


You are not alone as 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink are thrown away annually by UK households. Nationally, a staggering 220,000 loaves of bread, 1.6 million bananas, 5,500 chickens, 5.1 million potatoes, 660,000 eggs, 1.2 million sausages and 1.3 million yoghurts find their into the bin every day.

One parishioner, Christina Davenport is tackling the problem by setting up a 'food waste swear box'. For every unused food item thrown away, Christina will put 50 pence in the box. The money will go to a charity such as CAFOD but Christina's ultimate aim is to stop wasting food.

Why not follow Christina and have your own 'food waste swear box' for Lent?

Pope Francis said 'throwing away food is like stealing from the tables of the poor and hungry' – let your change help you to change. For more information see

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