Little Angels Parent and Toddler Group

Unfortunately due to falling numbers it has been decided not to continue with this activity. Thank you to everyone who has supported the group over the last year. The sum of £9.30 cash in hand
has been put in the crib collection for the Cabrini Children’s Society.

FR CHRIS. Sadly yet again a group (Parents and Toddlers) has folded in our Parish due to lack of support. I am very grateful to Kate Stepney for trying over the past year.

Over the past decade or so large numbers of people, both British and from other countries have given up the practice of the Faith. Without a real commitment to following Jesus it is so easy for the spirit of the world in which we live to erode any meaningful relationship with Jesus which means more than just being at Sunday Mass. We need the support of one another to be members of a community “known by its love for one another”.

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