July 12th – Sea Sunday

Next Sunday is Sea Sunday when the Church remembers all those who
live and work at sea.

Seafarers are commonly recruited from poorer countries where wages are lower.
Seafarers work in difficult and often dangerous conditions suffering from loneliness,
spiritual deprivation and even exploitation as they transport the goods we use and
consume every day.
The Apostleship of the sea (AoS) is the official maritime welfare agency of the
Catholic Church in Great Britain. The Apostleship of the Sea reaches out to seafarers
that visit our ports each year, offering pastoral and practical support and care. AoS is
wholly dependent on the Church, recognising them as our brothers and sisters in need.
Sea Sunday is your chance to help AoS make a real difference to the lives of seafarers.
Everything AoS does is on behalf of Britain’s Catholic community, but it receives no
statutory funding from either the Church or the government. The parish will take up a
second collection on Sea Sunday for the work of AoS—so please give generously next
Sunday, their ministry cannot continue without you.