Join a Lenten Small Group near you…

There will be a number of small group meetings (lasting about 1 ½ hours) each week during lent to discuss and reflect on the gospel readings and on the Mass.

Why not try them out even though you may not manage all the meetings? Parishioners have found them very rewarding, prayerful and friendly.

The guideline booklets called "Communion with Christ" are available free of charge in the church shop. If you would like to run a group you will find that the booklets are very helpful and take you through each step and the holy spirit will do the rest. These are the groups at the moment with the times and dates and contact numbers of the meeting:

  • From Friday 24th February at 8 p.m. meetings just north of central crossing. contact Anne on 01903-231014.
  • From Monday 27th February at 3 p.m. meetings near to Wallace avenue. contact Roz & Michael on 01903-.50716.

If you have any questions, please contact or leave a message for Roz & Michael on 01903- 507167 there will be details of other groups to follow.

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