Harvest Festival Appeal 2009

Wanted – Early Notice to allotment owners and gardeners:
Any donations of your produce i.e. carrots, cauliflowers, cabbages, onions etc would be gratefully received and can be left in the Sacristy for the decoration of the Church during the festival.
Our Harvest Festival will take place on Sunday 4th October. At this festival we give thanks for ‘fruit of the earth and the work of human hands’. We are supporting Worthing Churches Homeless Projects Harvest Appeal which is based
on an empty shopping bag and us helping to fill that bag.

Imagine if you could not afford to choose what you would like to eat at the supermarket and had to rely on hand outs. A list of items needed by Worthing Churches Homeless Project are as follows: Men’s Deodorant, Tinned Tomatoes, Marmite, Cereals, Stock, Cubes, Gravy, Salt and Pepper, Sugar, Cleaning Products, Cooking Oil, Conditioner,
Stuffing, Biscuits, Herbs, Honey, Coffee, Shampoo and Custard Powder.

Thank you for your support.