Diocesan Golden Jubilee 2015 – Preparing the way of the Lord

For the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Golden Jubilee 2015, Bishop Kieran is calling the diocese to use the time between now and 2015 to prepare together to celebrate the Jubilee of the Diocese and also to shape our lives of faith in the years beyond the Jubilee.

The Second Vatican Council produced documents of great teaching value on nearly every aspect of the Church’s life and its relations with others in the world. At the heart of this teaching there are four documents, called constitutions, which deal with WORSHIP, the WORD of God, the COMMUNION of the Church and its MISSION in the world.

These four areas provide the themes for our preparation over the next four years. These documents from the Vatican website, are linked below:

Word of God; Light of NationsJoy and Hope; Sacred Council

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