Covenant with the Poor; Part IV

The last, but by no means the least, of our covenant pledges is: 'bringing to the Lord the needs of the poor'

"We will endeavour to include the needs of the poor in our private and public prayer, attend services and vigils for peace, justice and poverty related themes, To commit ourselves to prayer and reflection on the needs of our neighbour"

This is where we can all, regardless of our personal situation intercede for those in need. Our every prayer is heard whether it be in sorrow, in anger or in love and concern for others.

"Bring to the Lord the brokenness of so many that he may show us his ways to be his instrument of justice, mercy and compassion and thus be a source of hope for all". (Diocesan Covenant)

Do we include poverty situations in our daily prayer? Do we place the poor and hungry at the heart of our public worship especially on Harvest and Fast days? Do we listen to what the Scriptures and the Church's social teaching tell us about justice and God's love for the poor? Do we encourage our children to learn about, act and pray for the interests of the poor?

Children can see the needs of our world uncluttered with cynicism and prejudices. "Our solidarity with the poor in prayer and worship will deepen our relationship with God and the whole of creation". (The Common Good)

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