Covenant with the Poor (Part 1)

We will endeavour to be informed of the causes and the reality of poverty at home and overseas from publications, the media and from those with direct experience.

Tragedies such as earthquakes & famines are quickly relayed around the world on TV highlighting needs and making it easy for us to respond and give. But do we take time to watch documentaries or read publications that would inform us about the causes and reality of poverty and of the injustices that need to be tackled in our world?

We need to look for the facts behind the headlines. Do we keep up to date with work being done by CAFOD, Christian Aid, Jubilee Action, the Columbans and many others, to see what needs there are, what support and action we can take to help them?

Do we know what the Church's Social Teaching ('the best kept secret'!) really tells us?

Before we can reflect, act, or pray on issues of poverty and justice we need to be informed. Before we can become an understanding church we have to be a listening church.

All Catholic citizens need an informed "social conscience" to resist injustice in their own society (The Common Good).

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