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Our Parish Shop

We have a selection of large print booklets on various subjects. The Lent Bible Alive is now available. There are greeting cards for Mothering Sunday [11th March] and St Patrick’s
Day [17th March ] in the Church Shop. Come in and see the wide range of cards and religious goods we sell. Thank you for your support.

150 Years of St Mary of the Angels Parish

St Mary of the Angels Catholic Church Worthing2015 is the 50th Anniversary of this Diocese and the 150th Anniversary of our Parish

All parishioners are asked to pray for our church, for the preparation for the Jubilee and to ask Jesus to reveal what they can do to help in the celebrations. This prayer has been written for our parish to support and help us as we prepare over the coming year.

Jubilee Prayer

What we celebrate, O God, in the life of this church is yours not ours.
Yours its strength and hope, Yours its faith and its action.
In this Jubilee Year we give thanks for the past and ask you to send your Spirit upon us to rejuvenate us for the future.

Take the strength and weakness of this church, and let both bring its people nearer to you.

Take the excitement and the routine of this church and let both be means by which your work is done.

Now in worship we offer you your own.
Christ be praised!

St Mary of the Angels, pray for us.