This is Holy Week

THIS IS HOLY WEEK but, clearly, it will be celebrated in an entirely new and unexpected way. All the appropriate liturgies and Masses will be streamed at the times given above (in the Mass list). Although there will be no congregation present, each of the days of the Triduum will be observed in an appropriate way. Please unite yourself, in prayer, with these Masses and liturgies, whether or not you are joining us by live stream.

Justice and Peace Update

Thanks to everyone who contributed so many items; 100 boxes, that will go to refugee camps in Syria and Iraq, were filled! Thank you, also, to the many volunteers who helped with the packing. Just one more request: if you are free for an hour on Friday 25th May at 11.00am and have a car or van, we need to transport the boxes to Park Road, Worthing. If available, please email

There will be a second collection for Christian Aid Week after all Masses today. Envelopes are on the seats; please sign the gift aid section if you are a UK tax payer.

St Paul saw the Church as being a corporate body: various people, each with unique identities, talents, different skills and abilities, all contributing to bringing the Good News to others. Our differences became evident early in our marriage; these differences can be problematic or add richness to our relationship. The outcome depends on whether our choices are selfish or ‘us’ focused. See

LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the week
Multi-tasking: Tips for the Office: Doing more than one thing at a time may seem like the best way to get all of your tasks done, but it can hurt your productivity more than it helps. Multi-tasking simply doesn’t work, and when you do, you end up wasting time. I’m sure some of you will disagree!

Last year we supported Christian Aid by signing letters to our banks about funding fossil fuel firms. Two of the biggest banks in the UK have now taken major steps that will help limit climate change and care for God’s creation. HSBC has ruled out funding of nearly all new coal power projects and Barclays has ruled out funding of new coal projects in rich countries and put restrictions on funding coal projects in poor countries. Thanks to all who sent letters to banks for being a part of this change.