Car Park Usage

The parish Finance Committee has decided that the time has come to restrict use of the Church car park, and give priority on Sundays and Feast days to parishioners who are less mobile.

To this end, we ask that all able-bodied and ‘walking’ parishioners who come to church by car should please park in adjacent roads or at Sion School (which has been made available for this purpose).

We understand that it may take a few weeks for everyone to adopt best practice in this matter, and we appreciate yiour cooperation, which is a kindness to disabled parishioners in particular, and affords them better access.

The Committee is considering, too, the possibility of creating open sheds out of the garages at the bottom of the car park, for use by those who have mobility vehicles, and to encourage parishioners to come to church on their bicycles! Any tradesmen in the parish who are willing to help with the conversion of the garages later in the year, please let Fr Terry or a member of the committee know.

Many thanks. (The Finance Committee consists of: Jim Corkery (Chair), Jim McClean, Al Stepney, Mark Hudson, and Andrew Grott).

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