CAFOD Campaigns Update

CAFOD Collection of used stamps & UK & foreign coins for CAFOD. If you have any to spare please leave them in the containers outside the Sacristy. CAFOD ask that all stamps be cut or torn from envelopes etc leaving approx 1/4" of paper around them.

Now the holiday season is beginning foreign currency will be very much appreciated. We are also collecting old mobile phones & printer cartridges, please use the envelopes outside the sacristy.

Night Shelter are really grateful for our weekly collection of food, clothing and blankets. Please leave any donations in the black box just inside the door of the Sacristy. Thank you for your continued generosity.

IF Campaign

We are continuing to campaign on issues such as greater support for small-scale farmers, transparency & climate, through the Hungry for Change Campaign. You, your friends & family can also make a difference in your lives every day by choosing to buy local, organic & Fairtrade products, & saving on waste.

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