Gary Bevans Art Exhibition

Deacon Gary Bevans is hosting an Art Exhibition in the Barn, English Martyrs Church, on Saturday 27th July, 10.00am–4.00pm. Oil paintings, Wildlife, Sussex Scenes, Icons, Sistine ceiling sketches/prints and cards. Many items will be for sale. All welcome.

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POPE FRANCIS declares a climate emergency

Pope Francis met with fossil fuel CEOs and their major investors in the Vatican. In very clear terms, he told them, “Faced with a climate emergency, we must take action accordingly.” See Vatican website (link) for details.

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Mass Intentions

At St Mary’s, we have many requests for Mass Intentions throughout the year. Please remember the following: i) whether the priest announces the intention or not, it is always his intention to offer the Mass Intention specified in the newsletter. Announcing the Mass as being for a particular intention is entirely unnecessary (though, perhaps, pastorally helpful); ii) a Mass costs nothing! Some people choose to be associated with the offering of a particular Mass by making a monetary sacrifice/gift, but this is not necessary. We do not speak of ‘paying’ for Masses! Mass is an ‘entering into’ the salvation which Christ won for us – and that cost him his life! That, surely, is payment enough. A Mass stipend helps the priest, certainly – but is not necessary.

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Mini Pilgrimage to St Richard in Chichester

Mini Pilgrimage to Chichester

The Way Prayer group will be making a ‘mini’ pilgrimage to St Richard of Chichester on Saturday 6th July. We will meet at the statue of St Richard outside of the Cathedral at 11:15am for a tour and prayers at the shrine and then Mass at St Richard’s Catholic Church at 12:15pm. Then a picnic lunch and more relaxed social time afterwards. There is a train that leaves Worthing at 10:25am which gets there in plenty of time. All are welcome, just remember to bring your lunch!

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Marriage Matters

Differences add richness: St Paul saw the Church as being a corporate body: various people, each with unique identities, talents, different skills and abilities, all contributing to bringing the Good News to others. Our differences became evident early in our marriage; these differences can be problematic or add richness to our relationship. The outcome depends on whether our choices are selfish or ‘us’ focussed (

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Good Counsel Network

On Saturday 22nd June, please pray and fast for the end of abortion and euthanasia in this country. Your prayer and fasting is urgently needed, and it really does save lives. For details of our live saving work see (

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Bicycle Thefts

Recently, at least three bicycles have been stolen, in broad daylight, from the surroundings of the church during Masses. The thieves are without shame and happily bring bolt cutters with them.
Please take care when leaving your bicycle here at any time. We are looking into ways of increasing security but, as with all vehicles, we have to ask you to take final responsibility for your own bike’s/car’s safety and security.

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The Holy Spirit Changes Hearts

“Jesus had told his disciples: “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses” (Acts 1:8). That is exactly what happened. Those disciples, at first fearful, huddled behind closed doors even after the Master’s resurrection, are transformed by the Spirit and, as Jesus says in today’s Gospel, “they bear witness to him” (cf. Jn 15:27). No longer hesitant, they are courageous and starting from Jerusalem, they go forth to the ends of the earth. Timid while Jesus was still among them, they are bold when he is gone, because the Spirit changed their hearts.”

Pope Francis, Pentecost 2018

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First Holy Communion Mass

Please continue to pray for the children preparing for their first Holy Communion. The Mass is on Saturday 8th June and we want to encourage and support our children in every way possible.

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A&B Spirituality Network

Our diocese has a well-established network with many trained and experienced spiritual directors. These individuals are available to accompany people on their faith journey. If you would like more information on spiritual guidance, or the Network, please visit the website

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