Application for Funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund

As we are all aware, our church and parish/community centre are now over 150 years old. The main roof structure of the church is in a poor state; as are windows, walls, and rainwater goods. The time has come to address these problems and that will conceivably put the parish into very considerable debt. However, because our buildings are Grade II Listed, it is possible that some funding might be available from The Heritage Lottery.

An application was made to them at the end of last month on your behalf and you can read a copy of the relevant sections below. A paper copy is also available in the centre. The application explains, in a very full way, why we need funding, and I urge you to read it, as it is really the first step in a consultation process to engage you all in a major project for our church.

Irrespective of whether we obtain a grant, we must fix the roof! So, we should put money aside for that sole purpose, otherwise we will have to borrow very substantial sums. We will know late in September if we are successful with our Heritage Lottery Application and in the interim we will arrange consultation events, so that you can express your views on the project and become involved. Watch this space – and please continue to pray that we become the amazing parish that God is calling us to be.


Download the PDF file .

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