Altar Servers at St Mary’s

We are all very happy to see, week after week, the large number of girls and boys who  kindly serve at Sunday (and other) Masses; they are so generous with their time and energies (they do a lot more for the parish than most of us see!). The time has come to replace their rather tired and worn-out robes. Fr Terry would like to purchase new cassocks and cottas, in all appropriate sizes, for our Altar Servers. It is estimated that this will cost about £2000. If you would like to help, or can give a little, kindly place it in an envelope marked ‘Altar Servers’ and pass it to Fr Terry.

It will take a little while to build up enough cash, but the final effect will be worth the wait!

Thank you for your generosity. In the meantime, please pray for our Altar Servers; who knows, we may have a few priests or Religious among them?

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