A Plea: Brian Crankshaw’s Funeral Mass

BRIAN CRANKSHAW’S FUNERAL MASS is on Thursday 13th February at 12 noon, here at St Mary of the Angels. Fr Terry believes that one or two of the staff from the Care Home will be there
and also the kind Anglican Chaplain. However, there are no other mourners expected.

A PLEA: Please remember our departed brother Brian and come along to the Funeral Mass if you possible can. The dead need our prayers (and one day it’ll be us hoping that the living will pray for us!). If you are available, and you wish to exercise this particular Spiritual Work of Mercy (of praying for the dead), by coming along and participating in the Mass which will pray for the repose of Brian’s soul, please do!

It’d be great to have a church full …

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1 thought on “A Plea: Brian Crankshaw’s Funeral Mass”

  1. Katrina Heyburn (Kathy)

    So sorry I can’t be there but I’m a away, but always remember the kindness he show towards are Mum and the when I work at the home he was alway glad to see me. Miss him

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