A message from Fr Silvester from Uganda

A message from Fr Silvester from Uganda who the parish has supported with medical items.

“I have come across this grant making UK initiative called Partnership for Global Health ( https://www.thet.org/ukphs/ukphs-large-grants-wave-1/.). Also referred to as THET.

Having read through their website, I do find that we fit its profile very well.

Their two core requirements are;

  1. A UK healthcare organisation, GP practice or Hospital ; which is ready to partner with:
  2. A primary health care clinic /healthcare provider in a developing country.

Uganda is one of four countries mentioned as a priority.

We would like to find us a UK based healthcare provider interested in partnering with us; and also interested in applying for these project grants?

If such a partnership is successful, it can greatly boost our services to the people here. It can be as a project response to Covid-19, or to general public health care.

The current deadline for application is January 15th ,2021.

The website is https://www.thet.org/ukphs/ukphs-large-grants-wave-1/ . It provides and explains all the procedures in detail.

Attached is a brief introduction about our heath center for any one interested in partnering with us under the framework discussed earlier”.





St Faustina community health center is a unique center located 45 km NW of Kampala. It is part of the Luweero sub region of Uganda, south of Nakaseke district, Semuto county, Bulema Village. Although run by the Church community, the center is officially registered by the government of Uganda as a health center IV rural medical facility.


The center is run by:

1 medical doctor

1 Clinical officer/Dentist

1 Midwife

4 Nurses

The community is represented by a 9-member committee of village elders who meet periodically to discuss the progress and challenges facing the center. The center is governed internally by a memorandum and articles of association as required by law.

Fr Silvester Bukenya acts as the overall director.


The center was constructed in the period 2006-2009 with assistance from the Global children’s foundation, a UK based charity led by Noreen Barrister, an ardent devotee of St Faustina and her message of \Divine mercy. The overall purpose was to bring God’s practical love to those on the fringes of society. Rev Silvester Bukenya saw to the construction and official opening of this health center in 2009. The center aims at offering much needed and quality medical care to the people of Nakaseke district.

Over the years, St Faustina Health center has set the bar with its unwavering commitment to quality, performance and exceptional patient care within a uniquely rural African setting. Through our extensive selection of services and expansive inventory, we go above and beyond to ensure the needs of the rural population are not just met but exceeded. Most of the services are offered at no profit.

Current situation

In 2009, the center received basic medical equipment in form of 8 clinical beds, medical fridge, thermometers, staff uniforms, minor surgical equipment and stethoscopes from med-aid international, a UK based charity. The center continues to rely on this basic equipment for its operations.

Since 2019, the center has continued to receive the support of the Justice and Peace group of St Mary of the Angels Catholic Church in Worthing, Hampshire. The Justice and Peace group has donated much needed, eye spectacles to over 700 people in the area and an assortment of basic medical items and shoes. The group is also supporting the center in its Covid-19 response especially helping with the purchase of the much-needed PPE and soap for community sanitation.

International partnership (UK)

The center continues to seek international partners to help it build on its success and enhance its services to an ever-growing Ugandan population with a complexity of new diseases and medical challenges.

We seek partners who can help us in some or all the following areas:

  1. Nurses training
  2. Clinical staff exchange/visitation
  3. Covid-19 response
  4. Physical structure upgrading
  5. Representation in the UK/Europe (Internationally)
  6. Soliciting for much needed equipment (used or new)
  7. UK/Uganda community health engagement

A website with extra comprehensive information about the work of center will be published in the next few days.

If anyone knows of anyone or a health group/surgery/hospital interested in partnering please email rod.504t@ntlworld.com

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