Justice & Peace Group The next meeting will be on Wed 12th Jan at 7pm online. We’re always looking for new members to discuss ways the parish can become involved in bringing forward the work of helping the poor and the environment.  Meeting are less than an hour and new people are always welcome to join especially from Lancing, also.  Please email Rod at if interested

Next Sunday, 16 January, is PEACE SUNDAY this year Pope Francis asks us to think about ‘Education, work and dialogue between generations: tools for building lasting peace’ The need for peace in the world is obvious. People are struggling against violence and conflict, growing inequalities, the effects of climate change and the COVID pandemic. How can we harness the gifts and energy of all generations in the work of peace-making? Which ‘tools for building lasting peace’ can we use? We have an active Catholic peace movement in Pax Christi, which does a great deal of good work to promote peace and nonviolence through parishes, schools and social media. Their website suggests many ways we can all become better peacemakers. There are activities for families to do at home, including a peace liturgy for young children.  Pax Christi needs our support to keep going. There will be a second collection next Sunday at both churches for their work If you’d like to make a donation online use this link : Or send a cheque payable to ‘Pax Christi’ to: Pax Christi, St Joseph’s, Watford Way, London NW4 4TY

LIVE SIMPLY Tip of the Week. What exactly is living simply? It’s not a strict lifestyle that everyone follows in the same way. While some may live life off-grid and grow their own vegetables, others may just aim for a less cluttered garage. Simple living is all about finding the beauty in less and putting quality over quantity. It’s about valuing things that make us happy instead of chasing status symbols or societal expectations.

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