“To Be Made Holy” – Small Advent Groups

Get your free copy from the parish shop for 4 weeks of Bible reading,  friendly discussion & prayer and a book to help you

Monday 2.00 pm Nov 16: Latimer Road (Off Wallace Ave) Tel: Roz & Michael 01903 507167 to join

Monday 7.30 pm Nov 16: Avila House 60 Gratwicke Road Tel: Sr Anne 01903 200322 to join

Tuesday after 10 am mass: Nov 17 Tel: Diana 01903 211744 to join

Friday 20 8 pm Nov 20: Westcourt Road Tel: Anne 01903 231014

Young Parents Different homes, different days Tel: Jo & Michelle 01903 203349

If you are friendly, tactful and willing to listen to others, you would be a very good group leader. Choose a time and a venue (church, home or a friend’s house).

Don’t worry. Jesus will do the rest.

More help? Anne 01903 231014