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Reflections – our thoughts and prayers

There is the Lamb of God….

John the Baptist understands what we, too, instinctively know: that the Jesus is the Messiah, the Lamb of God come to take our sins upon himself and grant us freedom and eternal life. The Jesus of Nazareth about whom John speaks is the same Jesus whom we frequently receive in Holy Communion. This Jesus is the one who unties the knots of our complex and confused lives and leads us to discover the wonder for which we are created.

Reflection on the Baptism of the Lord

As the Christmas season comes to an end, we hear the voice from heaven proclaim, “You are my Son, the Beloved”.

Lest we should be in any doubt, the Church, in celebrating this feast today, helps
us to see and to know that it’s only Christ that matters; that he, and he alone, is favoured by
the Father in bringing life, peace, forgiveness and joy to the world.

Let’s choose to be disciples of this light shining in the darkness, for this is where we discover who we’re called to be.

Prayer to the Holy Family for the Families of the World

Jesus, Mary and Joseph
to you, Holy Family of Nazareth,
today we turn our gaze
with admiration and confidence;
in you we contemplate
the beauty of communion in true love;
to you we commend our families,
so that in them marvels of grace be renewed.

Holy Family of Nazareth,
alluring school of the Gospel:
teach us to imitate your virtues
with a wise spiritual discipline,
grant us a clear vision
that recognizes the work of Providence
in the daily realities of life.

Holy Family of Nazareth,
faithful custodian of the mystery of salvation:
help us to regain an appreciation for silence,
make our families cenacles of prayer
and transform them into little domestic Churches,
renew the desire for sanctity,
sustain the noble toil of work, of education,
of listening, of mutual understanding and of forgiveness.

Holy Family of Nazareth,
reawaken in our society the consciousness
of the sacred and inviolable character of the family,
an inestimable and irreplaceable good.
May every family be a place where goodness and peace are welcomed
for children and for the elderly,
for those who are sick and alone,
for those who are poor and needy.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
we pray to you with confidence, we entrust
ourselves to you with joy.


150 Years of St Mary of the Angels Parish

St Mary of the Angels Catholic Church Worthing2015 is the 50th Anniversary of this Diocese and the 150th Anniversary of our Parish

All parishioners are asked to pray for our church, for the preparation for the Jubilee and to ask Jesus to reveal what they can do to help in the celebrations. This prayer has been written for our parish to support and help us as we prepare over the coming year.

Jubilee Prayer

What we celebrate, O God, in the life of this church is yours not ours.
Yours its strength and hope, Yours its faith and its action.
In this Jubilee Year we give thanks for the past and ask you to send your Spirit upon us to rejuvenate us for the future.

Take the strength and weakness of this church, and let both bring its people nearer to you.

Take the excitement and the routine of this church and let both be means by which your work is done.

Now in worship we offer you your own.
Christ be praised!

St Mary of the Angels, pray for us.

Congratulations to our First Holy Communion Children

first holy communion 2014

Congratulations to all the children who celebrated their First Holy Communion in 2014.

The children were present in a special Mass on 29 June and afterwards they were invited to release a balloon carrying a message of peace.

Last year one of the balloons reached France and the finder responded to the church.

This year all the balloons headed south, carried by a brisk breeze – so maybe one or more will reach France again this year!

Please continue to pray for the children and their families

Also great thanks to all who were involved in leading and running the First Holy Communion program.


Justice and Peace Advent Reflection

As a contribution to our Advent preparations the Justice & Peace group will be putting an Advent Reflection sheet of facts, prayers, information & action ideas in with the new sletter for the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.

Please take time to read them as each week will have a different theme for you to reflect, pray and act on. These sheets have been prepared by the Shrewsbury J&P Commission.

More copies of the Meaning of Christmas for non-bel ievers are available.

Prisons Week 17-23 November

Prisons Week 17th-23rd November 2013 Stand In The Light

The light of the Lord touches all those who call upon his name and turn towards him.

Sometimes that’s all we manage to find the will to do – to turn, to lift our eyes to his light in love and longing.

This Prisons Week we pray for all those affected by prison and who carry heavy burdens of responsibility or loss, that they might turn to the Lord and find restoration and wholeness in him.